#46. Amsterdam - Schippol

i went to the Airport to re-check my flight (second reason), first reason was i needed to know wheter i'm aloud to have an exess bagage. why? according to my ticket i'm allowed to bring a 20 kg lugage, whilts mine weighed 54 kg.

never in history i ever stayed lower than 22 kg (and that was very good). i'm very good at packing lugage so when people can only fit a few things in theirs i could fit a lot more things with the same amount of space, ergo my lugage weight more.

so i went to Garuda Indonesia office in Schippol and asked to see the station manager to talk to him about the exess weight, but he wasn't around. so the lady at the desk told me to come back in a hour.

i wasted my time by sitting at the front part of the airport, sipping coffee and had scones that i bought days before from a winkle called "the bakeswinkel" my teacher recommenden me this, mia and i wanted to try that earlier but the winkle already closed, so when i got a lot of time in Amsterdam, i went for it.

an hour passed and i went to see the lady again. she said Pak Angki, the station manager wont be there and maybe i could leave him a message and such. so i did. she also made a copy of my ticket reservation and my surat sakti from my dad. then this conversation happened:

Veronica: It says here in your ticket you're allowed of 20 kg.
me: yes, i'm aware of that. That's why i'm here.
Veronica: How much is the overweight?
Me: around 40 kg.
Veronica: 40?? haw many bags do you have?
Me: 3 bags.
Veronica: 3 bags?? but you're ALONE.
Me: (smiled) exactly.

later i chatted with ayu, she mentioned "lit, the last part 'but you're alone' was a bit ambiguist ya.."

i decided to spent the rest of my money in the city today, so went shopping. lush. h&m. hema. stuff i cannot get back at home. (adding more weight in my luggage)

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mia said...

gua juga pernah ke schippol, weeeeekkkk