everybody got their own level of hell

 and whenever i feel this way, i always remember what my good friends and i always discussed everytime any of us hits rock bottom. every body has their own problem, you should never compare yours to them. and we are dealing with it the best way we know.that kinda thought obviously help to create less drama in your life :D

p.s: no, i'm not whining, just sharing.


silver lining

Met the best interviewer, ever. The difference between working with our people and with their people. Their people don't postpone the decision and make the rest of our week miserable just to wait for the end result whilts they knew that we're not accepted. And they also pointed out your flaws to encourage you to do better. I wish indonesian will cut off the basa basi just to sound polite one day, it'll be a nice working world if people just honest without trying to drag someone's spirit down.

Didn't get the job though, but i learned today. Silver lining.

Anyway, i was waiting in line in a bank, when i heard two tante-tante talk about their views of life. They just met and they talked as if they've known each other for a while. I got a revelation from eavesdropping their conversation. He always works in an effective way to reach in, isn't He?


How to cope with dilemma?

have a good friend around and talk.
aaaaarrrgghh.. i'm pissed. when we were in Bandung all we had to do was call and 5 minutes later we'd end up in some cheap eating place in Cisitu and talk until we ran out of conversations. meeting up nowadays took a lot of efforts.
thank you, anyway.



Comfort zone IS dangerous.

*they let me had my own adventures, but when i fell, they were always there to welcome me back home.



Let's put an end

to this shit that's been bugging me. what's wrong with the word "nyusul"?? anyone? just because it happens so fast in your life, doesn't mean those people (including me) that's not even close to walk down that aisle are picky. and of course we're okay. and no, we're not waiting for the 'left-overs'. so, thanks for nothing.


my head hurts

Since last Thursday i was in Bandung. My head constantly hurting for lots of reason.

  1. Meeting counselour for 'future talk'
  2. Met a girl (or woman? Ahjumma??) and believed that tuhan suka becanda INDEED.
  3. BAd mood+PMS
  4. Graduations = 'hey, what are you doing now?? Where do you work?" conversations
  5. Owwww myyyy goooddd. I don't know how to describe this one. Contributed a lot of headache at the moment
  6. My close friend (close--nobody could seperate us during middle school-close) is getting engaged.
  7. Sm*sh's on tv as i wait for my travel home

I need my blanket, raffy and gareth, friends dvd, wine, and laying down.


Thank you

for making this huge decision in your life whilst considering my future too. can't believe i'm saying this but i think as the time goes by you are getting more and more mature. fights sure will come ahead but we'll always forgive each other anyway. once again, thank you. thank you. if i were in your position a few years ago maybe i'd chickened out but you went out there and did it anyway. now i know finally we can try to count on each other.


How Am I Supposed to Fill it?

Can't believe i'm saying this to myself:
oh, so far my research came to this conclusion, i MUST pass Korean version of TOEFL first to enroll.


Real life, baby! part. 2

The more i stepped into it, the more i realize that my passion IS studying.
To be a part in these coorperate stuff kinda drives me nuts. As scary as is looked to me before now i jump right into it makes me fear of it even more. I know it's a cowardy comment on my behalf but i don't need to bw a hipocrite saying that this thing's fun when it's not.

By this morning as i filled out a recruitment form, i possitively made my mind: i'll try my best and will do whatever it takes within my power (mentally and financially) to try to get a next degree for my study.

I chickened out today, just don't judge me
Not because i think i can't but simply because i don't want to.
Growing up does take time, indeed.



in this rather cool site called yes-butno.. and i just like the simplicity of it. simple yet cynical enough for me. let me share some that related to me:

(all images belong to YES-BUT NO)