they couldn't even got it right?

ayu and I went to do "our girl business" at the campus center when ayu found this:
(literal translation: do not throw your excess food into the sink) 
DI LARANG --> DILARANG. because it's a verb.

WASS TAVEL --> WASTAFEL. taken from Dutch (i think). 

my goodness. it's Indonesian language and they can't get it right! more ironic because it's located at the campus center. some Indonesian really need to get the Bahasa Indonesia lesson more. because obviously there's no guarantee of great writing even if you ARE native Indonesian.

tuhan Suka Bercanda #3

so, the prologue of this story is simple. i've been avoiding Korean series since all my friends are kinda addicted to them. but when you have class every other Friday and don't really have much to do, you'll start to look out for some entertainment. unfortunately, mine was the Korean series. 

i finally watch the Meteor Garden of the Korean--because i watched Meteor Garden, yes, i did when i was an unstable teenanger--and i've got to be honest, i think the Chinese did it better. 

anyway, i was staring blankly ahead when this thing appeared on my television. ever since, it's been my favorite  game to share with my friends: 

what's wrong with this picture? anyone?

a friend of mine actually thought THAT was a SHE, when the truth is that's a HE.
but that's not what i meant, no. anyone? care to comment about what's wrong with it?


Tuhan Suka Bercanda #2

need we say more about the most creative tag line. ever.


Tuhan Suka Bercanda #1

i was standing in the line to buy my paddle pop ice cream the other Saturday. in front of me was this guy that tried to pay with his BCA flash card, but since this story happened in Cisitu area, of course the flash machine didn't work and it took a very long time for the guy to tried and failed peep-ing his card.
anyway, because of it, i had nothing to do except staring blankly ahead--fortunately i was staring at his hand.

it's tattooed on the lower left arm.

(from now on, i'm going to write this as what happened and what conversation i had in my own head.)

me: oh, he's tattooed, what's that word?
me: huh? who would carved that word to his arm permanently? 
(i tried to look closer)
me: oh, okay. he did carved that permanently, but wait, it's a phrase. what is it? "i don't give a fuck"?
(because his hand was turned in some weird way, it was hard for me to read carefully. but, there're two letters beside "fuck" so it can't be "i don't give a fuck.")
me:wait, is that "to" i see beside "fuck"??
(God answered my question. the tattoo guy turn his hand so that i can read it correctly)
me: is like to fuck.
me: what?
me: he carved THAT. permanently?!!
me: okay, that's his body and he can decide to do anything with it.
me: but no, is that a right phrase?
me: is like to fuck? (tried to translate to literal Indonesian) no no no. that still don't add up to anything.
me: is like to fuck? IS LIKE TO FUCK???!!!
(i simply couldn't do anything by then. i tried so hard not to laugh. i tried so hard not to cringe. i tried to make eye contact with Boi to get her to the cashier right then but she didn't get my signal so i had to cope with "is like to fuck" all by myself)

Good God! at least if you want to try to look like a bad boy who likes to fuck, get it right, dude! ask your friends, ask your English teacher, or the least you can do, ask the tattoo artist.


well, since Boi and I are bored and there're lot of things going on around us--beyond sense things--we decided to put this new tag to our own blogs, it's called "tuhan suka bercanda" or translated into "God loves to joke around--well, somewhere along that line" the posting will contains every single ridiculous things, our not-so-inside jokes, and beyond. since i upgraded my phone i have really easy access to take pictures anytime, anywhere and this new tag is the consequences for that. we hope you enjoy this tag as much as we do.

Should I Give Up?

or should i just keep chasing pavements?
even if it leads nowhere.


thank you Tendy

somehow it made my day. :P

i'll play along with You Lord

God really loves to joke about your life. Especially the weakest part of it. He allows you to dream. He makes you believe that good things will happen to you. Somehow he manages to make that dream of yours—the one that even your sanest mind believe is impossible—came true.

Then he makes jokes about it.

You can see it, but you can’t touch it don’t even bother wondering if you can have it. As if he’s trying to send this message: I am capable of doing anything, don’t ever doubt me. But yeah, no. You’re not gonna get what you want. I can’t pick a favorite human being, so I must let you suffer just like the rest of world’s population. But remember, I can make your dream come true. I didn’t say anything about you living the dream though.

It’s funny how I’m not sad or let down by this fact.

I kinda prepared for it actually since things (this particular thing) never really goes my way,

I just laughed about it. But yeah, it’s a bit shock. How he made it all as perfect as it’s supposed to be.


as promised

i should have been able to shake it off. believe me, i'm trying so hard but the thought of it still lingers no matter what. gah! how i need my sanity back.

my day yesterday

Boi sent me sms about how the “dart board” has gone from where it’s belong, then I came outside, greeted her dad (he said I looked thinner) then I spent the rest of my noon with her. Watched her cleaning up her room and everything. But too bad she had to go back to Jakarta, because she needed another free time. (Totally understandable)

After Boi took off, I didn’t really have anything to do, I continue something that I’ve been doing since the day before: watched thi Korean series “Boys Before Flowers”. Now, don’t get me started on how ridiculous it was, although I have to admit I had a blast. The stupidity and the “GUA GANTENG and GUA IMUT”-ness of the people in it was beyond hilarious.

I had to admit (again) after 3 episodes, my nerves are starting to protest. The series are exactly what my sanest mind has always denied. So, I sms akbar told him I was bored. He said maybe if I want to come for some culinary adventure with him and some of DP 07 people, I could come.

In the end, around 8 o’clock akbar picked me up, we went to eat sate something near DU with Panjang, Akbar II, and Gilang. The guys planned to go to Moko—a place that’s high enough in Bandung so you can see the city lights—earlier (now I have some stories here about Moko, but I don’t think I can spread it here) but because it was raining, we all afraid the road will be too slippery for motor bikes.

Where to waste time then?

Panjang, who has been longing to go karaoke since the fasting month begun (but couldn’t do it thanks to some idiot rules that said karaoke places may not operate during fasting month) purpose an offer to go karaoke. The rest of us agreed. one of the most stupid karaoke session i ever had and i really had fun.

Not a bad way to stir my mind into something else. I need to do this more often—hang out with real people.


out with an old pal

i've know this girl for all my life. we''re friends since our second grade of elementary school and have been best friends ever since. she's doing an internship (that'll be done within 3 days--congrats to that!) and she's actually been living in Jakarta since 3 months ago. it was rude for me not to able to see her all these time, i know (i had noooo idea that i could be that busy). but finally last night we met! after work she met me in a sushi restaurant near BSD and we chit chat about our high school pals, our lives, our families, and our future plans. i had such wonderful time. and i still miss her.. :(


promise to self (?)

i'll be okay within a week. i'll live.


i couldn't sleep so i made this

One day, a father came home with one thick book of stories to be given to his 4 years old daughter, which she accepted with grand excitement. She stared at him, plead him to read it to her that night, and he did.

Her mind wandered between the legends of the princesses inside, she was also surprised with a story about how a frog can turn to be a handsome prince and how no matter how long you sleep, what poison fruits you take, how mean and cruel people will treat those princesses, a knight in shining armor will always come along with his bright smile and a happy ending kiss.

Every night, she will ask her father to re-read the stories over and over again, and then one day the father asked:

“why do you love this book so much. I bought you lot of other books too, you know. Maybe you want me to read you this adventure story of 3 rabbits?” Offered her father.

But she shook her head and started crying. Asked the father to read the very book he reads to her every night. The father played along, because he didn’t want to make her little princess sad.

It concerned him the fact that his daughter was addicted to fairy tales, he himself had known it better about life. So, after reading his daughter’s favorite tale, he asked her to listen to him.

“Baby, one day you will grow up. And one day, you will get out of this house and face the life out there. It isn’t a save place, but I promise you it will be very exiting and fun. People will not always be nice to you, just like the fairy tales there are good guys and bad guys. Then again, you cannot rely on the hope of the knight in shining armor that will catch you and kiss away you sorrow. There will come a day when the only one that you can rely on is yourself. When that time comes, I need you to promise me to be strong.”

“But Daddy, what if I’m not strong? What if the Witch do something bad to me and I fall asleep for a hundred years? What if I accidentally eat the poisoned apple? What happen then? Can’t my prince charming come and kiss me awake?”

The father chuckle.

“When that happened, you can always rely on me, baby. I might not look as handsome as that prince charming in the book, but I love you. If your life doesn’t play like a fairy tale, I’ll be here to back you up. You know why? Because we’re family and we take care of each other. No matter what.”

“Promise Daddy?” she offered him her pinky.

“I promise, love.” He took her pinky with his and lock them.


15 years later..

A father can only stare in disbelieve when his daughter came home drunk with a boy he never knew. It broke his heart when his daughter told him that she’ll move in with the boy, leaving him alone. After all, she's all he has left.

He asked her to stay for the night, until she’s sober enough to think about her decision.

She was rebellious and blinded by the illusion of your love. She told her father to fuck off, she told him to stop interfering with her life for now she’s a grown up.

It shocked the father’s very core to witness his little princess had turned into this smelly-drunk-cold hearted-young lady. He tried to hide the disappointment in his face and make himself believe that his daughter said that only because she’s drunk. Then he asked her again, to stay and think about her decision.

Again, she refused. She mentioned something about finding her own fairy tale, how she finally met her prince charming and how her father was wrong all the time. In the end, she took of with one big luggage of her stuff and left her father in the most hurtful heartache.


Another 5 years later..

A man in his 50s was sitting on his porch. Enjoying his cigars while watching the neighbor’s children play around the lemonade stand. He remembers those days when he used to chase down the love of his life, his only daughter. He remembered how dirty she could get after playing on the yard all summer and how he showed her how to make the best lemonade for her stand.

That was a long time ago. He always misses those days when loves are given sincerely. So pure it breaks his heart over and over again whenever he remembers the last time he met his daughter.

He tried to call her, he sent her mails, he asked around about her. But no one knows where she is. In his prayer to the Lord each night only consist of a wish that God will give her mercy and that she’s alive.

He’s finally awake from his daydream that afternoon, when a car pull over in front of his yard.

His heart stopped for a split second. That’s a familiar face that he recognizes from the past. The face of a little girl that always calls him “Daddy” with her own cute way. Only this time she doesn’t come with a huge smile on her face. Tears had brought down all the happiness left in her.

They locked eyes.

More tears fall down from her eyes.

The father finally catches his breath.

“You’re right Daddy, life is no fairy tale.” She burst out.

“No? But I promised you, you can always rely on me when the prince charming failed you.”

She ran to him and cry out loud on his shoulder. He tried to ignore all of the back pain that’s been bugging him lately and stand tall to be the rock his daughter needs him to be.

“Now,” said he. “It’s not too late for tea is it? Come on, let’s get you inside."



This is true

I feel like sharing about some stuff that's happening as i type, but i don't want to jinx it. i really need a "good luck" wishes.

anyway, i'm currently helping my brother with his Junior High School thesis which sounds like bullshit. he's doing a research about Concorde and to be frank about it, nothing that i can't find on Wikipedia. i'm worry about him. why would i go for all these trouble to help the helpless guy? because I need some jobs or anything to help me pay my bill (i just took a huge loan from my parents) and the money also needed for my plan on April (i really wish that'll happen) and this is what i'm good at: making progress report, teaching English, and teaching my brother with other language related subjects. so GOOD LUCK TO ME.

this is random, sorry.

Re-using last year's notes

this has always been my least favorite holiday of the year and honestly, i'm still wondering why that is. but, to those who celebrate it and being sincerely happy about it, i'm going to say
"Happy Lebaran! hope there'll be another year for all of us in this holiday."
(and i hope if there's a next year for me, i'll be more delightful than today)


It's only been 2 days

I'm in Jakarta, but i already miss my hectic Bandung life.
how are you guys? Tendy, Panjang, Babar, Boy?? Update your blogs or FB so i know your stories, please.. i can't wait to go back to Bandung.. :C


Copying Dessy

This is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS... type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you hear these 50 words. Don't think and don't go back and change. Doesn't matter how random just type it!

1. Beer: i'd love to

2. Food: mi

3. Relationship: hahaha

4. Crush: yeah, guess

5. Power Rangers: pink! kimberly!

6. Life: let it flow

7. The President: heh?

8. Yummy: ice cream

9. Car: mini cooper

10. Movie: never been kissed

11. Halloween: trick or treat

12. Sex: female

13. Religion: moslem

14. Hate: room # 3

15. Fear: earth worms

16. Marriage: hope to have one

17. Blondes: ??

18. Slippers: cotton on

19. Shoes: converse

20. Asians: what asian?

21. Pastime: no regret

22. One night stand: hahahaha

23. My cell phone: borrowed samsung

24. Smoke: yeah i did

25. Fantasy: well, not gonna spill it here

27. High school Life: wonderful

28. Pyjamas: don't have one

29. Stars: cancer

30. Center: stage?

31. Alcohol: mojito

32. The word LOVE: bullshit

33. Friends: to keep

34. Money: to spend

35. Heartache: numb

36. Time: wasted

37. Divorce : please no

38. Dogs: pug

39. Undies: wtf

40. Parents: people i love

41. Babies: not now

42. Ex: bastard

43. Song: falling slowly

44. Color: grey

45. Weddings: simple

46. Pizza: extravaganza

47. Hangout: cloud 9

48. Rest: sleep

49. Goal : ikea

50. Inspiration: google


these past two days have been 'my days'.. thank You God.. (see, i can be thankful)

*i feel like sleeping with a hanger on my mouth! can't stop smiling


Conversation between me and my counselor this noon

DW: So, how ready you think you are with your preview?
ME: well, if i don't have to put it some sketches i think i'm all set.
DW: you did it yourself?
ME: of course. how else it's gonna be?
DW: no secret helper from TPB?
ME: not yet, maybe later.
DW: any boyfriend to help?
ME: no. no boyfriend, why don't you find me one?
DW: mubazir.. mubazirr (what a waste.. what a waste)
ME: well, from what i heard boyfriend only will be a burden.
DW: not from what i heard
ME: really?
DW: yeah. and you can always dispose them when you're done.
ME: well, i don't think i'm
that mean.
DW: yeah, that's just how it's usually done doesn't mean you have to follow that pattern
ME: (smiled) well, that's my homework to find one and keep one then. wish me luck.

see! mubazir! at least i gained a little bit of confidence now.. hahaha