Conversation between me and my counselor this noon

DW: So, how ready you think you are with your preview?
ME: well, if i don't have to put it some sketches i think i'm all set.
DW: you did it yourself?
ME: of course. how else it's gonna be?
DW: no secret helper from TPB?
ME: not yet, maybe later.
DW: any boyfriend to help?
ME: no. no boyfriend, why don't you find me one?
DW: mubazir.. mubazirr (what a waste.. what a waste)
ME: well, from what i heard boyfriend only will be a burden.
DW: not from what i heard
ME: really?
DW: yeah. and you can always dispose them when you're done.
ME: well, i don't think i'm
that mean.
DW: yeah, that's just how it's usually done doesn't mean you have to follow that pattern
ME: (smiled) well, that's my homework to find one and keep one then. wish me luck.

see! mubazir! at least i gained a little bit of confidence now.. hahaha


ayu said...

bahahahahahaa.. emg daddy dude paling oks!!

*eniwei, word verification gue 'doodyn'

LITYA said...

oemji.. jodoh bgt sama daddyduds! hahahaha