road block

when your true passion meets with undefined ego.


shut down

when a great friend of yours (the one friend you always have as your back-up plan if things don't work out) called and asked you to accompany him to pick up an engagement ring, usually your normal reaction would be this:

laugh out loud because honestly, you're just very happy for the fact the he intended to stop fooling around and be faithful to one woman only--especially when you and that woman gets along very well.

think for a while after he hung-up and said to yourself "did that just happen?"

the rest is history--quarter life crisis. (mostly because now i must find another back-up plan)

for girls like me, in around my age, with almost similar background, maybe we received wedding invitation once a week. and i'd be lying if i say "no, we don't hear the clock ticking".
no, i'm not the "let's get married right now" kinda girl, in fact, there're lot of things i want to accomplish before i decide to settle down in the end. getting married before i'm 26 was never an option for me. well, i'm still that girl. only this time i got this question inside my head--especially since one of my friend who gotten married said 'go find someone, don't be picky or you'll just get some leftovers' which drew me so close to not talk to her ever again--do you guys(the young married couples) really had to make that kind of judgement?! if that happen to you so fast does that mean that there's something wrong with the rest of us?!! for fuck's sake, for some people that's never even an option and i see them living their free life happily. does that mean they ran out of "leftovers"?!

the term "think before you speak" really does gain a whole new meaning now, isn't it?


made my day

my listography when in 2010. i got everything except for upgrading to macbook-pro, which to me aren't a big deal at all. this reminds me to be thankful everyday.. :)

thank you, God



this is what i know best.


Singapore #2

Epic korean!! I don't know what else to say. Our roomates woke up at 7 , and they started to do their morning routines. Putting on make-up. There're some things that i hate. First of all, they obviously don't live alone in this room, so they can at least try to be polite by NOT slamming door everytime they enter the room, that also applies to the locker doors. Second of all, they are so noisy with all their beauty supplies and dear god! The whole luggage was full of it. I think they didn't bring that much clothes (FYI one of them carried two straigteners, one apparently is not enough), only that much make-up. Lastly (well, i don't hate this part, it's just amusing to me somehow) they spent two hours of their morning putting on make-up. Starting from hair, the face, then arms and feet. And the result?? Not much different. I'm sorry to say this, but really, that effort fon't really payed off.

The korean left and we also left the hostel. We went to chinese garden then had ice cream at the Holland Village. Our trip continued to esplanade and clarke quay (finally, i see that place). We ended our journey by visiting ikea and headed back to orchard for that korean bulgogi as dinner. We walked 12 hours straight and super tired from it.

When we returned, our roomates hasn't arrived yet. Two hours later they arrived, and guess what. They looked as lepek as we we were!! So 2 hours full of make -up and no effort in doing make-up turned out to have exactly the same result. Epic koreans.


singapore #1

I arrived at around 11 local time and waited for Bona. Right after that we went straight to the hostel. It's located near Lavender. The thing with searching for hostel really recalls my memories i had with Mia, and thankfully Bona was not rally different from her. We had our fun without any fuss.
Anyways, the hostel looked like it's picture BUT the room was somehow disappointing. It hi justasn't been cleaned up from the previous tenent.

We strolled along Orchard today because we were too tired, i just got back from bali and didn't have enough sleep, and Bona also just had a long night regarding her finals. We pushed ourselves to buy korean street food bulgogi and headed straight back.

Our room was still dirty, so we complained. When it's cleaned we got ourselves new roomates. We figured they're from South Korean (just our conclution from their language, they don't really talk much in English). One thing i hate, they wanted the aircon to be set at 27 degree. It's singapore, no different to Jakarta, at least try 22. You guys have winter, you should have been able to survive in at least 22 degree under that warm blanket.


Tagged (also)

Here's post in Tendy's Blog:
well, since i have nothing else to do, here goes~~

 and this "lingkaran setan" of course will be tagged back to Tendy and Boi. But feel free to tag yourselves.

11 Things about me:

1. Love spending money in stupid stuff--never regret anything though
2. Books, Furniture and Traveling are my passions
3. Loooooveeee giraffes
4. Appreciate traditional stuff
5. Hate people who aren't open minded
6. Collect everything until i myself a bit confused of my collections
7. Will treat you like a bitch only if you are
8. Homebody
9. Love to see cooking channel
10. Have weird obsession towards IKEA
11. Dreaming of living outside this country for a while

11 Question from Tendy:

1. winter or summer? 
2. whose music concert you wanna watch?
    (Jammie Cullum)
3. beside the country you were born in or you live in now, which country you wanna live in for the rest of your life?
    (Holland or UK)
4. what's your fav magazine? yes magazine, not book
    (At this moment, Living etc.)
5. coke or pepsi? why? *you've gotta choose one even if you hate or love both
    (Coke, less sugar i guess??)
6. what's the weirdest food you've ever had that surprisingly tasted very good?
    (Liver Pate)
7. what's your most favorite karaoke song?
    (Mr. Brightside - The Killers)
8. have you ever peed in your pants after the age of 15?
9. what's your number one on your wish list?
    (not telling you..)
10. what's your choice for perfect breakfast feast?
    (a bit of savory treat end with a nice ice cream pancake)
11. what's your favorite childhood animated character?
    (Sailor Jupiter)

My 11 questions will be:

1. Worst thing you ever cooked?
2. Your current object of obsession?
3. Your ideal dream profession?
4. Favorite gossip show?
5. What souvenir from what country that you always want to have?
6. Name any city in Indonesia (except Jakarta and Bandung)  that you're willing to be relocated to.
7. Describe your most convenient way to travel.
8. What movie should i watch??
9. Coloring pencil or water color?
10. Favorite object to draw?
11. Finally, post your favorite collage like i did in my previous post, will you? 


summed up

they're all in my head.