singapore #1

I arrived at around 11 local time and waited for Bona. Right after that we went straight to the hostel. It's located near Lavender. The thing with searching for hostel really recalls my memories i had with Mia, and thankfully Bona was not rally different from her. We had our fun without any fuss.
Anyways, the hostel looked like it's picture BUT the room was somehow disappointing. It hi justasn't been cleaned up from the previous tenent.

We strolled along Orchard today because we were too tired, i just got back from bali and didn't have enough sleep, and Bona also just had a long night regarding her finals. We pushed ourselves to buy korean street food bulgogi and headed straight back.

Our room was still dirty, so we complained. When it's cleaned we got ourselves new roomates. We figured they're from South Korean (just our conclution from their language, they don't really talk much in English). One thing i hate, they wanted the aircon to be set at 27 degree. It's singapore, no different to Jakarta, at least try 22. You guys have winter, you should have been able to survive in at least 22 degree under that warm blanket.

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