Singapore #2

Epic korean!! I don't know what else to say. Our roomates woke up at 7 , and they started to do their morning routines. Putting on make-up. There're some things that i hate. First of all, they obviously don't live alone in this room, so they can at least try to be polite by NOT slamming door everytime they enter the room, that also applies to the locker doors. Second of all, they are so noisy with all their beauty supplies and dear god! The whole luggage was full of it. I think they didn't bring that much clothes (FYI one of them carried two straigteners, one apparently is not enough), only that much make-up. Lastly (well, i don't hate this part, it's just amusing to me somehow) they spent two hours of their morning putting on make-up. Starting from hair, the face, then arms and feet. And the result?? Not much different. I'm sorry to say this, but really, that effort fon't really payed off.

The korean left and we also left the hostel. We went to chinese garden then had ice cream at the Holland Village. Our trip continued to esplanade and clarke quay (finally, i see that place). We ended our journey by visiting ikea and headed back to orchard for that korean bulgogi as dinner. We walked 12 hours straight and super tired from it.

When we returned, our roomates hasn't arrived yet. Two hours later they arrived, and guess what. They looked as lepek as we we were!! So 2 hours full of make -up and no effort in doing make-up turned out to have exactly the same result. Epic koreans.

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