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Here's post in Tendy's Blog:
well, since i have nothing else to do, here goes~~

 and this "lingkaran setan" of course will be tagged back to Tendy and Boi. But feel free to tag yourselves.

11 Things about me:

1. Love spending money in stupid stuff--never regret anything though
2. Books, Furniture and Traveling are my passions
3. Loooooveeee giraffes
4. Appreciate traditional stuff
5. Hate people who aren't open minded
6. Collect everything until i myself a bit confused of my collections
7. Will treat you like a bitch only if you are
8. Homebody
9. Love to see cooking channel
10. Have weird obsession towards IKEA
11. Dreaming of living outside this country for a while

11 Question from Tendy:

1. winter or summer? 
2. whose music concert you wanna watch?
    (Jammie Cullum)
3. beside the country you were born in or you live in now, which country you wanna live in for the rest of your life?
    (Holland or UK)
4. what's your fav magazine? yes magazine, not book
    (At this moment, Living etc.)
5. coke or pepsi? why? *you've gotta choose one even if you hate or love both
    (Coke, less sugar i guess??)
6. what's the weirdest food you've ever had that surprisingly tasted very good?
    (Liver Pate)
7. what's your most favorite karaoke song?
    (Mr. Brightside - The Killers)
8. have you ever peed in your pants after the age of 15?
9. what's your number one on your wish list?
    (not telling you..)
10. what's your choice for perfect breakfast feast?
    (a bit of savory treat end with a nice ice cream pancake)
11. what's your favorite childhood animated character?
    (Sailor Jupiter)

My 11 questions will be:

1. Worst thing you ever cooked?
2. Your current object of obsession?
3. Your ideal dream profession?
4. Favorite gossip show?
5. What souvenir from what country that you always want to have?
6. Name any city in Indonesia (except Jakarta and Bandung)  that you're willing to be relocated to.
7. Describe your most convenient way to travel.
8. What movie should i watch??
9. Coloring pencil or water color?
10. Favorite object to draw?
11. Finally, post your favorite collage like i did in my previous post, will you? 

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