Beijing, June 25th 2013

we went to Ikea--as always--and got lost on the way back. this is one thing i need to learn in my next trip anywhere, just because it's a two way street, doesn't mean the same bus would go in the two directions. and the worst place to get lost is China. every time i tried to google map our way, my browser always got neglected. i tried to find a way to use the Chinese browser, and it's in Chinese--duh! and i cannot make sense of any of the symbols in it. finally i used the last mode i know, ask people.

to ask in English, i needed to find somebody around my age, because they probably know a little words. i asked a couple about the bus to take us to the nearest metro station by pointing out the map i had. he said--in body language and stuttered English--"just follow me, i want to get there too". thank god, my faith in Chinese people attitude restored (after the shitty attitude i got on my first day).

we followed him and apparently, he got lost also! we took a wrong bus, but this guy tried to find our way back to the right track. in the middle of our "journey" the rain decided to fall. i covered my mom's head with the plastic bag i carried, and this guy just gave his umbrella to my mom. again, faith restored!

in the end we got into the right bus and got into the station we needed to. i couldn't thank him more for his help. thank you very much nice guy in a black shirt! may you have a long and happiness live ahead of you~~

our hotel located in Wangfujing area, which according to the travel book was one of the strategic place to stay. we strolled around and surprised because we didn't have any urge to shop! that's unusual for us. so we just souvenir shopping and bought ourselves Peking Duck as dinner.


Beijing, June 24th 2013

today we were planning to visit The Great Wall, one of the "thing to see before i die list." since it's located 2 hours away from the city, we chose the safest way we know to got there, tour. this is the first time we ever tried to be on a tour, and my review about this tour is.... it's great. it's nice to be explained about stuff from the guide in English and we just had to sit and enjoy the views without feeling we're being scammed.

 The streets of Beijing in the morning rush hour. Felt like i was in Grogol

The first stop was Summer Palace. this ten times more beautiful than the forbidden city.

then the main attraction, The Great Wall of China


Beijing, June 23rd 2013

my bucket list fulfilled one by one. i really want to see The Forbidden City located in beijing at least once my my life. Apparently once is enough for me.

once i arrived in this city, i knew that the language barrier would be hell but i came prepared, i printed out some useful and everyday words i got from a downloaded travel book and hoped this would be enough to get me from one point to another.

my first impression of this city, it's almost the same like Jakarta--especially the pecinan part such as Taman Angrek and Kelapa Gading. the only difference was the fact they already got their subway system that allows traveler to travel easily.

do i like China? maybe it's too early to judge but hey! first impression is everything, right? i like Beijing as a city, but i loathe the people. i grew up in a country where they put women first (i'm NOT a feminist, but even during the war or when Titanic was sinking the words we herd all the time was "save the woman and children first" so yeah, it's shocking) i went to Beijing with my Mom and little brother. we got on the bust to get to Temple of Heaven which located near our hotel. as we waited for the bus, there're several men in uniform that looked like army uniform also waiting for the same bus. once the bus arrived we got on it and it's already packed so we stood. along the journey, some passengers got off. my mom, who had a knee surgery and always a bit limping when she walks since then approached the empty seat located right next to her. what happened next? one of the men in uniform came from the back of the bus, spread his arm and pushed my mom aside in a horrible manner then sit on the very seat. i mean come on!! 

the city itself was awesome, all the heritage and stuff they preserved (or UNESCO preserved) was a great sight and pleasure. but honestly, the first meeting with those men earlier really put us in a bad mood.