Beijing, June 23rd 2013

my bucket list fulfilled one by one. i really want to see The Forbidden City located in beijing at least once my my life. Apparently once is enough for me.

once i arrived in this city, i knew that the language barrier would be hell but i came prepared, i printed out some useful and everyday words i got from a downloaded travel book and hoped this would be enough to get me from one point to another.

my first impression of this city, it's almost the same like Jakarta--especially the pecinan part such as Taman Angrek and Kelapa Gading. the only difference was the fact they already got their subway system that allows traveler to travel easily.

do i like China? maybe it's too early to judge but hey! first impression is everything, right? i like Beijing as a city, but i loathe the people. i grew up in a country where they put women first (i'm NOT a feminist, but even during the war or when Titanic was sinking the words we herd all the time was "save the woman and children first" so yeah, it's shocking) i went to Beijing with my Mom and little brother. we got on the bust to get to Temple of Heaven which located near our hotel. as we waited for the bus, there're several men in uniform that looked like army uniform also waiting for the same bus. once the bus arrived we got on it and it's already packed so we stood. along the journey, some passengers got off. my mom, who had a knee surgery and always a bit limping when she walks since then approached the empty seat located right next to her. what happened next? one of the men in uniform came from the back of the bus, spread his arm and pushed my mom aside in a horrible manner then sit on the very seat. i mean come on!! 

the city itself was awesome, all the heritage and stuff they preserved (or UNESCO preserved) was a great sight and pleasure. but honestly, the first meeting with those men earlier really put us in a bad mood.

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Claude C Kenni said...

You should have screamed at those men faces in Indonesian/English. Even though they didn't understand, but it will be enough to make them feel bad. Chinese in small cities are nice but those in big cities are ill-mannered. Someone should teach them some manner...