No 'deadline' today

Happy Lebaran everyone!! one stupidity from my country's government, made all muslims in our country celebrate Ied Mubarak today, instead of yesterday like the rest of the world.

It's a tradition to visit our elders during this celebration, but since all elders in my family had passed, and my father is on duty, we decided to stay at home until Saturday, then visit some Aunts in Bogor. The good thing of not meeting the elders are the happy sensation of not being asked these questions "mana pacarnya? udah lulus? kerja dimana? kapan kawin?" (where's your boyfriend? have you graduated yet? what do you do now? when are you getting married?) later today i heard from my friend who's a newlywed being asked "kapan nih ngasih momongan?" (when will you get pregnant?) --> and she was frustated when everything in our life really is about that fucking deadline. (i wonder what's the next annoying question after those newlyweds have kids)

anyways, I spent almost all my time to be actively online lately (while i still have some free time, before 12th of September) and i stumbled on some stuffs that i personally think are nice.

(all images from http://www.9gag.com)

i miss friends so much!!

and Harry Potter (according to the book)

and this one's for Raffy.


After more than two months

Finally the three of us could meet face-to-face, altogether at the same place and time.
the ridiculous thing was, we all lived in the same city for the past 5 years, and we almost see each other EVERYDAY. Never in our history we wore a similar theme of outfits. Yes, sometimes we had same color, or same way to put out tops and bottoms together, but never the same color, theme, pattern, and so on.

Well, yesterday i met Ayu at Gandaria City and saw her dressed up in her red flannel. We both laughed and decided to sms Boi to tell her not to wear anything red. She replied "too late". then Ayu and I wondered wether she has any red flannel at all, and we came to a conclusion 'no, her flannel outfit are dark colored'.

We waited at Basilico until Boi showed up. She showed up with her red-checkered(plaid?)-flannel.

Here's the thing, three of us rarely wear the outfit we wore yesterday. Red wasn't really our color (Ayu's yellow, or anything bright or grey, Boi's black, green or blue, I'm brown, white or anything bright) so to saw each other in that same color, same pattern, same fabric was very embarrassing. we felt like we're on a stupid study tour to a mall.

Nevertheless, i'm happy we met and spent stupid night at Ayu's Bude apartment. It's been a while since we had a sleep over, and last night was fun. I went to bed with a soar throat because we laughed all night. till next sleep over~~~


Kids nowadays

think that twitter is a place to do and express ANYTHING.
this is way too embarrassing when they decided to use it as a media to 'fight'. it's just lame. moreover, they think it's macho somehow, that fighting via twitter is something ultra cool. i feel like smacking their heads through a hard wall.

i'm not against twitter when it's function is to 'keep-in-touch' and share your knowledge and other useful stuff like that. but when it comes to 'look-at-me, see-what-happen-to-me,me-me,me-the-world-is-all-about-me' and that behavior followed by minute-by-minute posts that actually kinda make me wonder "do you even sleep at night?" it think it's too much.

nope, scratch that, 'too much' wont even describe how overrated it is.


Tuhan Suka Bercanda #7

anything wrong, anyone??

*fun fact: boy spotted this a while ago(as in months ago). she's relieved that finally i saw this AND PUBLISH it.


Daily classes

there're certain things i need to achieve during the next 6 months period--please God help me to achieve this one. crying and whining wont do the trick, so i'm teaching myself these stuff now. some of my friends just had their first day of school (of the new semester), and in some way, i'm having mine too.


Tuhan Suka Bercanda #6

He answers our prayer in the most unique way. although this time, His way is too extreme borderline 'are You seriously reaching through me?' kinda way. but however, it did draw a wide smile on my face and i could laugh myself till my stomach hurt today because of that fact that i just realize.

God sent a 'wahyu' indeed. *even until now i still cannot stop laughing on how ridiculous it is* 

Baby steps

never attracted to Drawing Pen nor Water Color. I gave them a second chance and turned out i kinda like them now. Sure it's more fun when i don't have any pressure to impress my teachers to get good scores in "gambar bentuk" class.


Storm before the calm, or not.

turned out everybody has their own falls. all my close friends had that. different types of course. break ups, educational, parents, work, you name it. and when that happened to them, secretly i kept thinking to myself 'when's my turn? can i handle it as good as my friends did?' i mean, i know the world cannot be as great as you think it is, and one day you'll just have to be ready when it comes for your own down fall.

they all experienced the same behavior that i'd like to call symptoms, and i will examine the symptoms:

  1. You feel like crap
  2. because you do feel that way, you chose to stepped away from people
  3. you're angry with everybody and staying alone in you room is the best thing to do
  4. you started thinking for help (in my case, God's)
  5. you tend to avoid chatting when it comes to your friends who's already live their life.
  6. you keep everything minimum, to your usually-trusted-friends.
  7. you try to make yourself busy doing shit that your sane mind knows that it's rubbish
  8. you started to create this little world on your own with your selected people in it, and think that that world is the real one simply because there'd be no one there questioning you or what you do. (in my case writing)
  9. you always feel like smashing something or crying or screaming whenever it comes to face your problem (in my case, check my email)
  10. you hate it when your friends share their great stories of their life, but still be that hippocrite that smiles and said "i'm happy for you"--with those dead-at-heart smile.
  11. Internet connection became your best friend.
  12. you started to think of doing something else that's not related to the skills you're supposed to enriched. (in my case language and cooking)
  13. you get this crazy thought inside your head that your close friends think you're angry with them or they know you need some space. and at the same time, the drama queen inside you just want to crawl and cry to them just to get the shit out of your system.
  14. then you think that thought before was weak, and that everybody has their own problems they need to deal with.
after all it's the Kubler-Ross model for the five stages of grieves: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. judging by this post (and walk back to my previous posts) i think i'm now in the 4th stage. which i try to see for it's silver lining--soon enough it will be the 5th stage.

as i always say: If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere, or in my language it will be 'Kalo ngga ada masalah di depan ga seru'