One of the thing i want to have if a geenie comes out of a bottle is a pensieve (aside from anywhere door that belongs to Doraemon). I don't feel like pouring my heart and thought to this blog anymore maybe because i feel like the more i grow up, the more i have to keep things on my own. Honestly, easier said than done.

So there are times when i'm alone at my home and suddenly tears just rushing down. The tears came out of nowhere and cannot be stopped. I used to do this "self-talk" to solve any kind of my worries. I figured this is my way to put myself outside my own perspective and try to see it from another point of view. Lately i tried recalling this method but failed.

Sometimes i feel like maybe i need help to deal with myself, however i've seen people dealing with themselves and my case was nothing compare to their burden, therefore i thought i was just being a cry baby.

So i don't have a pensieve, and i cannot talk to anyone because i don't even know where to start. But if i can pack and simplify my thoughts: the feeling of being detached from something you call your family, the ones you grow up with, the ones that you can always turn to in any occasion, is hell. To wake up one day, going together as a family then going apart at the end of the day is weird. Having to live day by day just to count down the next day i'll see them is agonizing. What hurt the most is departing from the lifestyle i used to and still be in it just to see it from aside, from what i used to call 'an outsider point of view'. Now i am the outsider too.



Untuk posting kali ini, saya akan menggunakan bahasa Indonesia, dengan harapan lebih mudah dimengerti dan dicari kata kuncinya. jadi saya akan bercerita tentang kehidupan saya dan provider televisi saya, yaitu Indovision.

sebelum ke pembahasan Indovision, biar saya beri prolog dulu ya.. selama ini saya adalah pelanggan setia dari First Media. tapi setelah menikah, jujur saja jumlah tagihan dari FM ini terlalu jauh dari dari target kami, sehingga untuk sementara (dengan sangat bersedih hati, karena saya akui internet dari FM adalah yang terbaik sejauh ini dibandingkan saingan-saingannya) harus putus hubungan dulu. mudah-mudahan setelah lebih settle, kami bisa berlangganan lagi.

nah, setelah putus hubungan dari FM, kami memutuskan untuk menggunakan internet dari provider HP masing-masing. kemudian untuk TV Cable, kami pilih indovision. sebenarnya banyak yang mewanti-wanti saya "aduuuhh gausah pake Indovision lah, sampah.", "Ih, lo nggak punya option lain apa? Indovision tuh bermasalah mulu." "Yakin lo mau pake Indovision? liatin aja, bentar juga lo pengen berenti. mati muluu." dan lain sebagainya.. tapiiii.. karena selama saya ngekos di Bandung, ibu kos saya pakai Indovision dan daya sudah terlalu kepincut dengan channel BBC Knowledge (Top Gear terutama) jadi saya tetap ngotot pakai Indovision.

ketika mau langganan, masalah mulai muncul. sebelum unit dipasang, ada tim yang harus survey menyocokkan data dulu via telepon, nah ketika daftar, dibilangnya "nanti ditelpon ya bu, diangkat ya.. supaya cepat terpasang." jadilah saya dan suami saya menanti telpon Indovison seperti orang kurang kerjaan. ajaibnya, mereka memang menelpon kami, tapi baru sekali dering langsung mati. besok hari terulang kembali. sampai tiga kali. akhirnya kami jadi gelisah juga dan menelpon costumer care di 500 900. disini saya di-ping-pong sana-sini. heran deh, mau berlangganan saja repot banget. singkat cerita, 3 hari kemudian setelah di-ping-pong, seminggu setelah daftar, setelah puluhan telpon dan kunjungan survey rumah, akhirnya terpasanglah si Indovison ini di rumah kami. kesimpulan saya: Indovison sengaja menelpon dengan sekali dering hingga tidak sempat diangkat, agar tim survey mereka bisa melakukan verivikasi langsung ke rumah-rumah. (yaelah, kalau memang mau verivikasi ke rumah, bilang aja langsung kaliiii.. gausah nyuruh orang melototin HP 3 hari berturut-turut).

setelah berlangganan, jalan 3 minggu tiba-tiba layanan kami mati. ada tulisan "layan ini di block (4)" saya telpon lagi nih 500 900, ternyataaaaa ada data saya yang kurang, yaitu email. cara Indovision mengambil data itu adalah dengan mematikan TV saya sehingga saya telpon mereka. (kan data saya untuk nomor HP ada di mereka ya? kenapa nggak langsung hubungin aja sih? harus banget bikin costumer tidak nyaman.)

klimaks saya benar-benar considering untuk putus dari indovision (Setelah setahunnanti, yang artinya saya masih punya 11 bulan dengan gondok--kontrak bok! setahun nggak boleh putus, pacaran aja ngga segitunya perasaan) adalah ketika channel BBC Knowledge diubah menjadi BBC Earth. masalahnya adalah, BBC Knowledge ini lah yang membuat saya mau berlangganan Indovision walaupun teman-teman saya sudah memperingatkan untuk menggunakan provider lain. eeehhhh... diganti. hilang sudah tayangan Top Gear kesayangan saya. saya telpon lagi nih 500 900. yang angkat namanya mas B*nt*ng. yaaaa.. doi BT kali ya disuruh kerja hari Sabtu malem (saya Sabtu kerja juga kok, mas, i know the feeling) jawabnya udah jutek-jutek gimanaaa gitu nih si mas ini. saya tanya tayangan BBC Knowledge kemana? katanya dari providernya sudah diganti. saya tanya lagi, harus langganan khusus kah? karena kalau harus, saya rela kok. jawabannya tetap sama, dengan nada jutek dan kurang bersahabat tentunya.

so, dear Indovison, kalau saya mau nonton acara yang berhubungan dengan alam, binatang, dan sejenisnya, saya akan ke NatGeo Wild atau Animal Planet, karena mereka menawarkan program sejenis, walaupun dengan presenter yang berbeda. program BBC Earth pun diselipkan oleh BBC Knowledge di setiap hari Kamis kok. tapi Bang Goes The Theory, Top Gear, James May program, Crash Course, dan acara-acara mendidik dan menghibur ini hanya didapatkan dari BBC Knowledge.  saya cek pagi ini, ternyata ada beberapa user Indovision yang juga menanyakan perihal program-program di Channel 200. untuk provider sekelas Indovision, tolong lah, costumer servicenya ditraining, dan diperjelas semua prosedur pendaftarannya. kalian toh lebih tua dibandingkan provider-provider lain, tapi kenapa kalian lebih tidak profesional?


After A Very Long Hiatus

whoa.. it's been a very long time since i last visit this site. heck, i even kind of forgot my password and stuff.

i think i was too busy doing nothing that in the end, little by little, i started to forget blogging and pay attention to other things.


1. i finished my master degree
2. i got a job as a lecturer in one of Jakarta's private university (this will bring soooo many stories, i don't even know where to begin)
3. i got married

so.. i hope i could be more consistent with my blog posting from now on. 


first bazaar

Arvka had our first bazaar ever. it located in the new cafe called Wijde Blik in Jl. Dayang Sumbi. honestly, i learned a lot from this event and of the most important lesson is not to do anything by the deadline! wow, i can't describe how chaotic it was the night before. we all gathered and help each other to complete the logo banner, the shopping bag, the decoration, and the one thing that was put behind to the last minute--the sleepy zoo pillow.

the bazaar wasn't so crowded (i'm being polite here, truth is, i think 90% of the people that are here are just the crew that made the bazaar happen) but we managed to sold view things and apparently Deddy Mizwar, the vice governor of West Java came to initiate the event, therefore he shopped too. 

by the end of the night, we're all tired and bored but we got a little surprise, we won the best booth for the bazaar!! we also got a "gift" that we later use in L'atopiano. 

Me decorating what the guys already set up before

my sleepy zoo pillow. it's for sale, by the way (contact me if interested)

with the vice governor of West Java that shopped in out booth

ARVKA full team!!

we got a trophy for winning the best booth 


Amazing Adrenalin Rush

So it's been a while since i share anything. i'm busy!! yes, finally i can say that i'm busy and the adjective really reflects on it's literal meaning. these days I've been juggling some stuff:

My Master Thesis
ha! if i could go back to 2011 when the 'Final Project' me was whining about how hard it was to get all the data, i will slap my own head and say "i'ts nothing compare to what you'll be doing in your 2014 Master Thesis"! to get the Theme of your project was easy, the topic was the real challenge. i'm lucky to get two nice counselors and i wont whine about them because they're so awesome, but these awesomeness is exactly what makes their opinion really matters to me. i only want to show them the best, ergo i have to work twice as hard. for my thesis, i have weekly schedule to play with the preschoolers in Temasek International School in Bandung. they're wonderful!

i shared about the "drunken ideas" earlier in this blog and this idea finally became reality. so my friends and i has been working on this project for quite a while now. it took a few months and a bit of little misunderstanding to finally got us here. the seven of us are the founder of ARVKA STUDIO and later this month i will also share not just our workplace that i've linked, but also our playground in a blog form. oh oh, we also have shop! which will be revealed later on.

this is my own studio. the good thing about having friends that has the same drive as you but with different kind of ideas and creativity is this, motivate you to work as hard as they are! i've always been scared to start this Sihobit because i don't have enough confident and drive to get me out of my comfort zone. but time is running out and i don't want to be a sloth anymore. so i started experimenting, meet a lot of 'tukang' to help me produce the first series of Sihobit products.

Assistant Lecturing
this doesn't take much time, buuuutttt i got a schedule on Friday morning, which is hell! i spent all my college year to change classes that took place on Friday, and here i am now assisting on Friday. this affect me on my 'going home ' time. i refused to come back to Jakarta if i only have 2 days to spent at home, because it's a waste of the transport money and a waste of my time (traffic on Friday is always unbelievable).

well, those things above creates this adrenalin rush  for me and i'm so exited and scared at the same time. this time i'm not taking a baby step anymore, it has to be a big steady step. these what make life so exiting, isn't it?


don't! just don't.

when your best friend has some troubles with their life, you have two polite options:
listen or make he/she feels better by telling a related bad story you have or others that you've heard that is similar. don't counter their misery by telling your success story bragging that you've never encountered such problem (or ANY problem at all) because your life always going smoothly according to your plan. who are you kidding? everybody got their problem, it's too cliche to say "all is well" every time.

i admit i'm jealous. i'm in a phase where the only words to describe is "let's just do this and see how it turns out" while my best friend seemed to always had it figured out. i know he has his own problems too, and (sue me) if i'd feel better if he share it with me, instead of showing his superman ego and always said "my life is wonderful, as always." i don't know if my selfishness has gone up too high or i'm just a normal human being that's too honest. truth is, i'm too gondok to see him right now, and not sure if i can fake a smile if i see him these days.

i talked about it to Ayu and she got a right phrase to describe it: don't sprinkle salt over my wounds


after effect of being half-drunk

we had a night out last week but apparently not with a lot of money to spent on the alcohol. so we each drew 100.000 IDR (about 10 USD) and bought whatever drinks we could get. my friends are hardcore drinker--we all are--and that much money weren't enough to get us to the level we "wanted".

as usual, every time we drink we would talk about life, love life and anything revolve around it. but this time we talk about future, job consequences, how the real world is really just waiting around the corner to grab us by the throat. 

we went home feeling half-drunk, and slept.

now the consequences after that night, we each woke up the next morning felt like shit. no, not that we had  hangover, but felt like shit about our life. we didn't spent the next day together but apparently each of us had the same facial expression--empty. 

the good part was, that feeling drove us into some kind of the motivation we needed for a kick-start in our lives. and we discussed it sober last night. 

and we shall see where this would take the six of us.