Jakarta #3

i'm gonna call it a curse from monas. i've been telling you that i haven't been there as a kid and now after i graduated, seems like every time i got a spare time, somebody ask me to come with them there. yes, so it's gonna be my 3rd picture in front of the monument. different days, different companions. today i went with my best friend, Bona. she and i had been friends since the second grade (of elementary school) and she's back from Malaysia and had to take her friend's sister around the town. since she knew i'm jobless and know my way around jakarta by public transport, she asked me to join and guide her around.

it's a fun trip actually, because we weren't only visiting Monas, but we also went to the other museums near by. we went to Fatahilah museum, and Art and Craft museum. we wanted to come to the Puppet museum as well but it's already closed because the area's electricity has run out (things that only happen in Indonesia..)

oh, the last note is, once i arrived at home, i cleaned up and went to bed immediately. i think i was half fainted because of the direct sunlight that attack us non-stop. seriously, Jakarta's weather has been very bad lately. :(

Different companion as you can see, same background.

Inside the Fatahilah museum. somehow i think this Museum supposed to be called "Jakarta's Furniture Museum" because all the stuffs that displayed here are furnitures (and some--A WEE BIT--paintings)

The front yard. maybe next time if i come here i'm gonna rent a bike and go to the Sunda Kelapa Port.

Bhineka Tunggal Ika--Biar berbeda-beda tetap satu. literal translation: Even if we're all different (in rase and believes) we are one (Indonesia). i think the language itself originated from Sanskrit.

my country has a very aesthetic map, don't you think?

*till next time~~


Panic Attack! (Massive one)

  • I need my passport on March 19th
  • i must wait for a post consists of Invitation letter from The Netherlands
  • And then apply for bla bla bla that also take some time
  • my passport will be hold in an embassy for approximately 14 work days
  • according to this year calendar, the latest time i'm taking care of this is March 2nd or otherwise my passport wont be there by the 19th (if the progress happening according to plan)
  • even if i try to take care of it after the 21st there'll be no enough time to make two visum so i really have to take care one of them before i leave for Malaysia

aaaaaaaarggggggggggggggggggggghhh!!!! why is it so hard for Indonesian to travel?!! and i really hate the fact that i have to depend on "post office" and "travel agent" for this matter. (but of course there's no way i can do it by myself) God, please help me.. help us.. pleaseeeee.... pleaseeeee.. pleeeeeeaasseeeeee...

*sorry, i just mumble here, i need to let it out in some way.


3 things i keep saying to myself

it's now or never, you're only young once and this is your only chance.

if you're always afraid of doing it alone, you'll get nowhere. stop depending on other people to follow through

if it's meant to be, you'll get there no matter what.


Thanks to Bona and her friend Ausi

this isn't my real ticket.. but i'll post mine once i get it in my hands. my first concert in my whole life. pathetic? maybe, but i'm happy~~

And later this night, this ajhuma posted this:

she's right. i'm very lucky indeed. thank you God.. (the context is kinda wrong since i'm being thankful for being able to watch their show.)


Jakarta #2

i met ayu at around 10.30 at Senayan City and then both of us headed to MONAS. well, this is actually one of my 2011 resolutions, to visit cities landmarks and Jakarta's my first stop. since i was born up until today, this my very first time of experiencing Monas. (and fool me--blame it to the ajhuma that only has public holidays as "hang-out-days"--we had to cope with hundreds--at some point i even dare say THOUSANDS--of people just to see Jakarta from its tallest historical monument). too bad Boi couldn't come because she's in Bali at this moment.

when we stepped our feet on the park, it was clear that the monument was sooooo crowded. but still it's now or never so we decided to proceed. then after we took the first picture in this posting, we heard the mas2 from or right spoke through TOA said "kereta wisata akan segera berangkat" we were thinking to ourselves, is it for free? then we turned right and hopped on the kereta wisata. it was free indeed.

the ticket wasn't a problem at all since it only costed us IDR 1000 --we insisted on showing our student card for more reduced price--and the price to get into the elevator that'll lift us to the peak supposedly cost us IDR 3500, but up until now we still have no idea how come each of us had to pay IDR 4000 (i know that IDR 500 is not a big deal but that showed how corruption has become a culture in this country--imagine thousands of visitor times IDR 500 that goes into the ticket lady). anywayssss.. after paying we climbed up the stairs and the most amazing view unfolded upon us. no, it's not the view of Jakarta from above that i'm talking about, it's the queue towards the elevator (as shown on the third picture).

while queuing we also bumped into some tukang serobot--again, another culture that painfully rooted into most uneducated people of this country. although one of the guy that we thought nyerobot didn't do it and mas and mba in orage shirt, sorry for our little quarrel. while queuing for 3 hours we also met these irritating couple that cannot take off his *sorry* d*ck from his girlfriend (shown on the last picture). and we met them again at the peak, unfortunatelly.

the point of this posting is for me to show-off to every one that's willing on wasting their time to read this blog that i finally went to monas!! ^o^ and although it wasn't as great as i expected i'm still fascinated. oh and in addition, i'm a bit disappointed that i couldn't hear Indonesian's Father--Ir. Soekarno's voice consists of his Declaration of Independence. that's one of the thing i look forward to when i went to monas. i hope the management will respect the essence of that monument for what it is and play that precious tape again one day.


inside the free kereta wisata

the mesmerizing queue

we reached the top

the irritating couple


Jakarta #1

first stop on my trip to jakarta, Ragunan. it's a zoo located in south jakarta region. honestly, the zoo was kinda empty (despite the fact that we got in very late and only got one hour to go round). for one thing, the primate section was thoroughly thought. they got every single kind of primate describe and caged here, but the rest such as tiger, elephant, giraffe, and so on they aren't being showed as much--which i personally think kinda let down because one of the reason i wanted to visit the zoo was to see giraffes. i went to the zoo with a good high school friend of mine, Adnan. the original plan was to visit monas actually, but the traffic was unbearable so we decided to go south instead of north. it was fun.

after that, we went to kemang to try the ambience inside this irish pub (Murphy's). MAN! IT'S SOOOO COOL!! the picture's kinda bad, but if you get inside it and feel the atmosphere first hand i think you'll like it (if you're into experiencing pub culture).


for these 6 months

I'm planning on wasting my time exploring all stuff that i've missed during 22 years of my life (that sounds heavy)
Well, what i'm planning actually is traveling. Explore my own city--jakarta, explore bandung to the places I've haven't been to, and if god proceeds, travel europe.. I'll try to add more 'walking around' tag in this blog. And I already made my own travel journal, i'll share it when it's completed.

So, first stop, JAKARTA. see you soon~~