Jakarta #3

i'm gonna call it a curse from monas. i've been telling you that i haven't been there as a kid and now after i graduated, seems like every time i got a spare time, somebody ask me to come with them there. yes, so it's gonna be my 3rd picture in front of the monument. different days, different companions. today i went with my best friend, Bona. she and i had been friends since the second grade (of elementary school) and she's back from Malaysia and had to take her friend's sister around the town. since she knew i'm jobless and know my way around jakarta by public transport, she asked me to join and guide her around.

it's a fun trip actually, because we weren't only visiting Monas, but we also went to the other museums near by. we went to Fatahilah museum, and Art and Craft museum. we wanted to come to the Puppet museum as well but it's already closed because the area's electricity has run out (things that only happen in Indonesia..)

oh, the last note is, once i arrived at home, i cleaned up and went to bed immediately. i think i was half fainted because of the direct sunlight that attack us non-stop. seriously, Jakarta's weather has been very bad lately. :(

Different companion as you can see, same background.

Inside the Fatahilah museum. somehow i think this Museum supposed to be called "Jakarta's Furniture Museum" because all the stuffs that displayed here are furnitures (and some--A WEE BIT--paintings)

The front yard. maybe next time if i come here i'm gonna rent a bike and go to the Sunda Kelapa Port.

Bhineka Tunggal Ika--Biar berbeda-beda tetap satu. literal translation: Even if we're all different (in rase and believes) we are one (Indonesia). i think the language itself originated from Sanskrit.

my country has a very aesthetic map, don't you think?

*till next time~~

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Ayu Kurnia said...

gue setuju banget lit, gue juga udh ke monas tiga kali dlm jangka wkt tiga bulan ini... hahaha...