Jakarta #2

i met ayu at around 10.30 at Senayan City and then both of us headed to MONAS. well, this is actually one of my 2011 resolutions, to visit cities landmarks and Jakarta's my first stop. since i was born up until today, this my very first time of experiencing Monas. (and fool me--blame it to the ajhuma that only has public holidays as "hang-out-days"--we had to cope with hundreds--at some point i even dare say THOUSANDS--of people just to see Jakarta from its tallest historical monument). too bad Boi couldn't come because she's in Bali at this moment.

when we stepped our feet on the park, it was clear that the monument was sooooo crowded. but still it's now or never so we decided to proceed. then after we took the first picture in this posting, we heard the mas2 from or right spoke through TOA said "kereta wisata akan segera berangkat" we were thinking to ourselves, is it for free? then we turned right and hopped on the kereta wisata. it was free indeed.

the ticket wasn't a problem at all since it only costed us IDR 1000 --we insisted on showing our student card for more reduced price--and the price to get into the elevator that'll lift us to the peak supposedly cost us IDR 3500, but up until now we still have no idea how come each of us had to pay IDR 4000 (i know that IDR 500 is not a big deal but that showed how corruption has become a culture in this country--imagine thousands of visitor times IDR 500 that goes into the ticket lady). anywayssss.. after paying we climbed up the stairs and the most amazing view unfolded upon us. no, it's not the view of Jakarta from above that i'm talking about, it's the queue towards the elevator (as shown on the third picture).

while queuing we also bumped into some tukang serobot--again, another culture that painfully rooted into most uneducated people of this country. although one of the guy that we thought nyerobot didn't do it and mas and mba in orage shirt, sorry for our little quarrel. while queuing for 3 hours we also met these irritating couple that cannot take off his *sorry* d*ck from his girlfriend (shown on the last picture). and we met them again at the peak, unfortunatelly.

the point of this posting is for me to show-off to every one that's willing on wasting their time to read this blog that i finally went to monas!! ^o^ and although it wasn't as great as i expected i'm still fascinated. oh and in addition, i'm a bit disappointed that i couldn't hear Indonesian's Father--Ir. Soekarno's voice consists of his Declaration of Independence. that's one of the thing i look forward to when i went to monas. i hope the management will respect the essence of that monument for what it is and play that precious tape again one day.


inside the free kereta wisata

the mesmerizing queue

we reached the top

the irritating couple

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Ayu Kurnia said...

muka kita sumringah banget. haha, ketauan girangnya naek monas (dan kereta wisata) :))