i don't want to live in this country anymore

see it for yourself.
they look like they're about 12 or something.
boyband somehow "IN" again in this country.

in case you're wondering the lyric.


growing up sucks.

i'll miss this moment, for all the ideas of them that i knew.. :(


so long..

aku ingin terbang bebas di angkasaa~~~ hey! baling-baling bambu!!



i hate changing habits
i hate changing my rituals
i hate adapting to new things

especially when it comes to 'this matter',
that involves a person other than myself.

*i already dislike 2012. i had a great year back in 2011.



I want to burn down one place, I want to smack someone's head agaisnt the wall, lastly, I want to rip out a woman's brain because I know she'll live anyway without it since she never used it. Revenge is for those who felt betrayed and lost. No, there'll be no revenge from me, I swear. I'll just put my head ip high and see you in couple of years when you beg for mercy. Because he more you try to put me down, the harder I will raise back up to kick your sorry ass. You've been warned. I accept your challenge with pride.