no mood

to do anything. i want to post about my trip but i'm too lazy to upload the pics.
i want to write about my feelings about one unavoidable upcoming event but i'm too lazy to crop some video.
i want to change my blog templates and i'm too lazy to sink myself into it and do the thing.
i bought a lot of books in England, but still, too lazy to read.

i just want to lie on the sofa in front of the TV..



i'm leaving at 11 am (maybe around 4 pm in Indonesia) this morning/noon.. sad.. sad.. sad.. i had some family gathering yesterday with Tante Mei-mei family. it's also a shock that i already have a niece and a nephew that call me "Tante".



in Holland, i feel like coming home.. no arrogant french, english are welcome and people put smile on their faces.. computer keyboards are in the right orders.. love this country...


i miss posting

(none of my expressions express pure-it-came-from-the-heart-smile.shit)

currently in Paris... God i HATE the people, love the city.
(even the computer keyboard are different!) what the fuck with these stuff.



i'm sooo going to heaven..
(devinition of heaven for me: british guys, london scenery, road trip, cool breeze, not in my country)



so, I'm off to Holland for 3 weeks.. wish me a save journey okay.. bye!


Somebody, please!

when someone rejected your phone call, around 2.30 am in the morning, MAYBE, they're already fell asleep because they're enjoying their new freedom!!
or, when somebody didn't reply your message written "@p@ k@>@r lit" because they're already annoyed and confused of what you're saying, MAYBE, you should just change the way you text, or just don't text at all.
so I'm sorry, if i was being rude, but i think you also must know your place and time. unless emergency, do not call somebody who's already rejected your phone call 4 times in the last 2 minutes! please, get a clue!

*somebody woke me up, and kept calling me. and i do not want to answer the phone because i do not feel like talking in my sleep. but the bastard cost me my goodnight sleep. and here i am now, posting. fucking bastard!


Bad dream last night

i don't know why, but last bight, i dreamt that everybody i know: my cousin, my ex, my friends are all getting married. and the worst thing was, some of the people in my dream are actually in love with me and wanted to marry me but couldn't do that because somehow, they managed to have a lovechild and had no other choice but to marry their spouses.
shit. even this thing can be a bad dream. what the fuck happen to my normal dreams?


Day 50 - Post Anything, Not My Mother Tounge (Indonesia) nor English

3 dagen geleden, ik heb mijn stage te doen en ik ben gelukkig zo. volgende week ga mij naar mijn oma gebortenlaand--Holland--met mijn famile en komt we daar voor 3 week. Eerlijk, ik moet een klein beetje te helpen van Google translate voor deze uitdaging, maar 50% van het kom van mijn Nederlanse taal lessen ik heb een yaar geleden.
als sommigen van jij spreek Nederlandse of begrijpen deze taal,  niet over mij oordelen alsjeblieft. nu, doet iedereen heb enig idee wat moet ik te doen of wat ik moet bezoeken terwijl ik er?
kan niet wachten tot volgende week woensdag! 

Day 49 - My Wish list

things i want to posses:
  • Union Jack's flag
  • Shrek "bando" (what is it in English?)
  • New mouse for bobi
  • Boots
  • Birkenstock sandals
  • New Handphone-iPhone
  • Trip to Bali with friends
  • Brussel spring's Tiramisu
  • New Sketchbook--a fancy one
  • Timothy van Krijg. :D