Day 48 - Picture of The Newest Thing I Buy (Bought)

Leap Year Movie and Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream.*
today i'm celebrating my last day of internship. and i invite everybody to smile for me right now, because from now on, i can post ANYTHING i want about my work (all my posts that i saved in draft) and from now on, I'M FREEEEEEEEE....

*i'll post the picture later

Day 47 - Anything I want to Share

i envy Amy Adams!
she's cute and very ladylike. i think she's pretty and she has that classic feature on her face that becomes her plus point. anyway, what makes me really envy her was the fact she always got good looking partners in most of her movies. although i cannot envy her more in her two movies (that's not too big actually, but i love those.) Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day and Leap Year.

Miss Pettigrew Lifes for A Day.
her partner was Lee Pace. he's the guy who played in Pushing Daisies series (that got cancelled)
Leap Year.
i have watched this movie 3 times in the last 3 days. wasn't because it's great, but because the good looking guy in it. Matthew Goode looks so good!! damn. i've liked him since "chasing liberty" and he's in my "top 10 guys" list. and Amy Adams got a chance to do a movie with him. 

oh, and anyway, i got some good phrase from the movie (Leap Year):
*a bride said this to her groom:
May you never steal, lie, or cheat.
but if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows
and if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life
and if you must cheat, then please cheat death. 
because i couldn't live a day without you.

Day 46 - Best Thing Ever Happened to Me

to be born in this family. 
(i know the picture looks like a lousy family picture taken in a lousy photo studio, in fact, that's our living room (sorry about the green background my mom seems to like it, i try to zip my mouth about that color on that wall) and the theme was "barong family" we had pictures taken when we each wore a different colors of barong bali shirt. i love these pictures.)

Day 45 - Worst Thing Ever Happened to Me

*shitty internet connection, i couldn't post anything the last 3 days.

i've always been an optimist. i used to draw/write my future life goal and put it on my wall as a motivation. one of my "motivation" written this way:

internship (must have decent score) -> pre-final project (must get great score) -> final project (also must get great score) -> hopefully cum laude so i can give my parents front seat in my graduation ceremony -> Scholarship (please TU Delft, Design for Interaction) -> IKEA (yeah, dream job) -> Sihobit studio.

two weeks ago, i got my final score for my internship program, and it was a total disaster. and since those motivation i wrote above are related to each other, the domino effect officially applied. the worst thing that ever happened to me (yet) was to have my life motivation torn away by someone else's bad judgment and intolerance (i can speak this way because when i told the story to my other supervisor, he said i deserved at least an AB as my final score). i still have no idea what i've done so bad that makes me deserve to get a BC as my final score.


Day 44 - Things I Want to Learn In My Life

there are some skills that i wish i can have, and there're:
  • ballet dancing. it's just so beautiful. i used to do this when i was so little and couldn't continue because i didn't have enough time by then. if i learn this thing again, i think i'll break my neck.
  • piano. another talent that i used to have and thrown it away because i hate the private schedule that fell on Sunday on 12 o'clock. but i started to learn again 6 months ago.
  • Dutch language. okay, i'm on it. i'm still learning.
  • square dancing. i want to learn the moves, i think it's cute and i know i always envy those people in the 1800 era in the movies when i saw them do the actual thing.
  • Waltz dancing. no reason, just want to.
  • cook. Because i plan to be a ladylike mother who prepares dinner for my family--just dinner, i want to have a job, so i think preparing breakfast and lunch are kinda impossible.
  • Marketing and management. i think it's important for a designer to learn these.
  • Material engineering. same reason, it's important.


Day 43 - A confession

He can't see the smile I'm faking and my heart's not breaking
cause i'm not feeling anything at all.
and you were wild and crazy, just so frustrating intoxicating
complicated, got away by some mistake and now

i miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain
it's 2 am and I'm cursing your name
and that's the way i loved you
breaking down and coming undone, it's a roller coaster kinda rush,
and i never knew i could feel that much.
and that's the way i loved you.
(Taylor Swift - The Way I Loved You)


Day 42 - 5 Things People Don't Really Notice About Me

  1. I am insecure about myself. like a lot of girls, i think I'm fat, i think I'm not pretty, i think I'm not smart, i think I'm not lovable. thank God, i don't think with my heart all the time, so i can save my energies loathing myself.
  2. I am that sensitive. one wrong word and it can change my whole perspectives, respect, and appreciation to some people who said bad stuff about me (especially since I'm insecure about my self) such as: "hey, you look fatter." , "hey, those pimples are still there aren't they." and stuff like that until "maybe if you quit your cigs, i'll go out with you." and i hide my anger, which is worse.
  3. I can easily get overwhelmed by people kindness. even if just an old man help me to cross the street, i swear i'll pray for his happiness before i go to sleep.
  4. I'm not as strong as i look outside. so please, if you can't handle with care, at least try not to break me.
  5. i cook. i bake. i knit. i sew. i clean. Yeah, I'm so fucking girly. i love wearing dresses, so stop ask me "what's the occasion that makes you wear dresses?" BECAUSE I LOVE WEARING THE FUCKING DRESSES!!


Day 41 - A Photo of Sweet Memories

i miss them. i miss lula. i miss hanging out like there's no tomorrow. i cannot stand the fact that one of us is going to be graduated this July, and the fact that we couldn't spend that much time together this semester due to our own business. hope we still can do those stupid stuffs again one day. 

Day 40 - Something I Find Amazing

anything i post here (my design tumblr) i really want to be able to create these kind of products one day.


Day 39 - Best things Somebody Ever Said About Me/To Me

  • "I told this story to you because i know, you wont judge me, and you will still be my friend. i know that i can always trust you." -AJ
  • "I think you're cute when you're asleep, your mouth frown like a little kid." -ABP
  • "I really care about you, and I intend to prove you that." -ABP
  • "You're not fat, you're healhty." -AKR
  • "If we're 30 and both still singles, let's get married!" -APD
  • "You don't have to be that stubborn, and i know you're not always strong. but i know you will stand up, and face your problem. you're a strong kid, and I'm proud of you." -Mom
  • "Shit! you're so discipline and determined. i wish i have that skill of you." -DCH
  • "You really know what you want for your future. i learn to manage my future prospects from you." -AKT
*I'm sad when i post this. not many good things i remember people ever said about/to me. :'(


Day 38 - What I Ate Today

What i had:
  • Gorengan: pisang goreng (fried banana) and bakwan (fried mixed vegetable)
  • Chicken sapo black romantic
  • 4 Chicken intestine (wow, that sounds so gross in english)
  • peanut butter and jam toast
  • cheese and black pepper sausage
What i really want:
  • sushi
  • 'brussel spring' mushroom ravioli 
  • and tiramisu!!!


Day 37 - Common Fact About Me

i'm not sure what that means.. something people know about you? is that it? if it is, then common facts about me are:
  • people think i'm a tomboy. i don't really think it's true, but that's how they see me.
  • I'm a loner. but i still love to hang out.
  • I am homey person. don't know what to say about it.
  • I'm mellow. check out my playlist. you'll believe me.
*P.S: i didn't skip day 36, i just have to wait another 12 days to be able to post it. :D


Day 35 - Favorite Song To Sing Out Loud

There are some songs i love to sing out loud, and most of them are guilty pleasure.
  • The Climb - Miley Cyrus
  • World Of Our Own - Weslife
  • You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
  • I Have Nothing - Whitney Houston
  • Mr. Bright side - The Killers
I miss karaoke! 

Day 36 - Whatever Tickles My Fancy

I wanna share the bitter sweet of my internship experience from the start. why i would call it one of the hell on earth.
  • I spent more than a year to find a place to do it. all my friends found it easily, but it's mostly my fault, still, i hate the beginning of it.
  • when i decided to go door-to-door around Kemang, i finally got a place to do it. but asked to do it for one whole semester, still i'm thankful and do it anyway.
  • my first month at the office, i feel like a total loser. i was given such job compatible for an elementary level student--browsing.
  • got mocked by a fellow designer-ironically, he's my alma mater too. ABJ (his initial). he said i'm a disgrace to our alma mater just because i couldn't operate AutoCad in my Mac. (Mac user knows that Mac hasn't support this program yet)
  • i got some misunderstanding with the owner (whom i owe my ticket to internship, thank you so much ibu) because a fellow designer, JS spread a rumor about me saying i wanted to have a long-distance internship, which wasn't true.
  • i almost call it quit, but my parents said "once you quit when you face a problem, you'll always be a quitter. now hold your head high and face your misery. That's life." so i did.
  • i got the most selfish-whinny-intolerant-annoying-disrespectful-bitch as my tutor, and i hate her. yes, i'm done with my internship, so i can post whatever i've always wanted to post now.
  • my table removed from time to time, and at last i'm stuck with the most dreadful chair i could ever find.
  • i was supposed to re-create some sofas, according to a picture of the real sofas. I followed the measurement EXACTLY like it said on the book, the bitch whined "ko kayanya kurang lucu ya Lit. (Doesn't look that cute, don't you think, Lit?)" then i resized it to a size that she thought was cute. but then guess what? after 3 revisions, the whole size just changed--again--because what's cute for her, turned out to be uncomfortable. and my early measurement was right.
  • because of the previous point, the supplier got angry with me. he pointed out that he could only accept 3 revisions. and do you know what that bitch said? "well, tell him to understand, that's how we work here."
  • when i needed 2 autographs by my two bosses (one director, and one bitch) both of them are kinda hard to find that day. i almost come to one of their home just so i could get the autograph i needed.
  • i finally finished my internship report and asked that bitch to fill in my score. she was having a bad mood, and without further ado, she gave me BC as my final score. 5 MONTHS, 13 SOFAS. BC. now you understand why i hate her.
  • the last obstacle happened in the day i had to print the documents (today, May 19th 2010). I arrived at the print center and realized i did not bring my flash disc with me, so i had to go back to my place and take it. it's not that big of a deal actually, but if i sum it up with all my misfortune above, it made such a painful summary.
so to sum up, don't go to a place who hasn't got any experience with intern, and since she gave me BC as my final score, i worked with a BC quality. that's the slightly fair thing i can do to her. god, i hate her.


Day 34 - My Latest Addiction

okay, how to put this without making it sound so bad? I'm addicted to some bad stuff lately, but i'll get over it soon, I'm sure. anyways, some "normal" stuff that I'm addicted to are:
  • Lee Dewyze feat. Crystal Bowersox - Falling Slowly. it's not the way i see Clay Aiken actually, but i really like the version they had.
  • Sex And The City. to kill lots of time at night after my lousy work.
  • Caffein. have no idea why my dosage increase after my hard effort to reduce it down to 1 cup a day. now i must have at least 2 cups a day, or migraine.
  • Cold Stone Peanut butter with Daim topping. Near my office, and i got the discount card. it's heaven!!

Day 33 - Things I Don't Go Out Without

  • cell phone. if i forget this thing, i'll come back and take it, no matter what.
  • Wallet. yep, kinda crucial. all my money and cards and discount cards are here.
  • Ipod. to stay in my "territory"
  • lip balm. just 'cause.
  • Neuralgin. my number 1 aspirin.


Day 32 - My Favorite Thing

RAFFY!! my giraffe plushy.. he's currently in laundry :D


Day 31 - A Picture From Holiday

taken less than a year ago. in front of my favorite furniture store in the world. i hope someday i can joint their team and be Ikea's designer..

Day 30 - Whatever Tickles My Fancy

wow. I'm speechless.
(I tend to drive my mind to something emotional when I'm this upset.)
oh, and today, i made Chocolate Lava Cake, and it was a success!


Day 29 - My Hopes and Dreams for The Next 365 Days

I quote from Clay Aiken's lyric, "if you wanna make God laughs then all you have to do is tell Him your plan" does 'hopes and dreams' count as plans??
for the last 3 days, I could say that I've been in a place where I broke down the most (up until now honestly) and even this doesn't have any coherence to today's challenge, I wanna share one lyric that inspired me for these past 3 days (since that bitch brought me down) by Sinatra, "You're riding high in April, shot down in May. But I know I'm gonna change that tune, when I'm back on top in June."
I hope:
  1. I'll be happier for myself
  2. I'll be more realistic
  3. I'll be more determined
  4. I'll be smarter and more successful
  5. I'll be blessed
  6. I'll be loved
I dream:
  1. nice graduation
  2. nice front seat for my parents (but this wont come true i'm sure thanks to that intolerant bitch)
  3. nice future
  4. nice future boyfriend
  5. nicer and nicer way to see life
*shit i don't really have faith to actually believe this is going to happen someway somehow.


Day 28 - My Year in Great Detail

well, my year divides into 3 parts:

  • Internship part      :       January -May
  • Holiday part          :      June - August
  • Final Project part  :      September - December

i don't know how my future will be from this day on, but that's what i see in front of me right now. oh, and this year, i think i'll stay single (because come on, i'm cursed, i guess) and i'll try to be more happy with my life the way it is.


my five months effort

i finished my internship REPORT yesterday (no, the internship is still going on, turned out I'm not that fortunate). anyway, i wanna share my score based on my supervisor:

  • Initiative and Understanding - B
  • Design Insight - B
  • Knowledge and Job Skills - B
  • effectiveness of work -B
  • Discipline and Job Responsibility - B
  • Adjustment to Workplace - C
  • Attitude and Behavior -C
  • Hygiene and personal appearance -C

Do I have something to say about it? yes. but i'll save it for later. overall it's alright, but not quite, because i should get A for 'discipline and job responsibility' and 'effectiveness of work'. B for adjustment of work place. and i agree with the rest.

believe me, i am my worst critique, i know exactly what I'm good at and worse at. but i'll take it as a good criticism to be a better person in the future. thank you, my supervisor. (seriously, thank you. you built my character a bit somehow)

Day 27 - My Month in Great Detail

I'm gonna have to postpone it, once May is finished, i'll scan my own daily journal and post it here. i promise.


Day 26 - My Week In Great Detail

  • Monday - Went to the office, found out that my supplier was kinda upset with the couch review. he warned me that the maximum changing of size could only be 3 times, and i already had 2 of them. Today i lit up my "saving" as well.
  • Tuesday - Went to the office with bad mood. went home at 5 and just tried to kill my time by watching Sex And The City season 3
  • Wednesday - this was the worst! i woke up with bad mood (period time) and i realized i would have a meeting with my supplier, and i was so afraid he was going to snap at me. honestly i almost cry to this, because i was so mad. the size change wasn't my idea at all. my job was only to draw the technical drawing, it's all my boss' idea to change the main size.
  • Thursday - I took a day off. i decided i need a day off to finish all my assignment, and my office wasn't a good environment to do such thing. i ordered in Oenpao at night. Hainan Duck Rice and Hakau.
  • Friday - i only stayed at the office until 12 o 'clock, then my mom picked me up.
  • Saturday - completely done with my PRA TA. Went to the movie with my brother to watch Iron Man 2. i didn't have any comment for this movie.
  • Sunday - done with my internship report. can't wait for the particular thing to end as well. 22 more days.

Day 25 - My Day In Great Detail

  • 07.00 ish - woke up, and made my coffee like usual. i put too much water in it.
  • 08.00 ish - I started working on my "Pra TA". i must rearrange all the pages for Tuesday
  • 09.00 ish - same as the above
  • 10.00 ish - Still same as the above
  • 11.00 ish - almost done with my Pra TA, and of course, IT'S DONE GUYS!! FINALLY.
  • 12.00 ish - lunch and get ready to pick up my brother at BSD
  • 13.00 ish - My brother's done with his private then we went to Teraskota to watch Iron Man 2
  • 14.00 ish - Inside the auditorium
  • 15.00 ish - inside the auditorium
  • 16.00 ish - on my way home, when i arrived i had a bad headache, and my mom already cooked some risoles for us.
  • 17.00 ish - Gave a private tutoring to my brother. this is my way to earn some extra money to buy Euro.
  • 18.00 ish - done with teaching, and my brother learned a new word today, "moron".
  • 19.00 ish - Watch American Idol. I love Lee Dewyze.
  • 20.00 ish - Project Runway All star Challenge.
  • 21.00 ish - went to my room. because of the headache I had all day, i decided to make another coffee, caffeine worked out fine.
  • 22.00 ish - read Doraemon and all the comics i have just to get myself sleepy
  • 23.00 ish - still with those comic books
  • 24.00 ish - comic books and i honestly forgot when i went to sleep this day.


Day 24 - What's Inside My Bag

(from top left to bottom right)
Bobi, my super loyal mac; cutter, given by Iqra; Brown Pen; my Sketch book; IM2 modem; Erha facial cleanser; green lighter; detol hand sanitizer; cherry flavored fisherman's friend; Neuralgin, my aspirin; bobi's charger; handphone; flash disc; wallet; ipod; mac mouse; ugly heart patter umbrella.

Day 23 - A Youtube Video

Since i found a link to his youtube, every time i have bad mood, i just need to listen to 'Alex Reads Twilight'. i adore his accent actually.


Day 22 - A Website

this is my tumblr. check it out. i use this site to express how i feel by pictures and words.


Day 21 - A Recipe

KIP ALA MIJ(a recipe that i accidentally made when i had too much coriander)

(for 4 people)


4 boneless chicken breasts

6 clove of garlic

1 onion

"kobe" powder (or whatever food seasoning available)




oil or margarine to fry

How to:

  1. cut the chicken in the middle, make sure you make a good chicken pouch. and be careful not to cut all through the breast.
  2. chop the garlic, onion and coriander. put them in a frying pan. saute until the onion brow. don't forget to season it with salt and pepper. this will be the filling for the chicken.
  3. stuff the filling into the chicken pouch you made earlier. Be careful not to break the chicken.
  4. cover the chicken with “kobe seasoning” then wrap them in a plastic wrap. Put in the fridge.
  5. When you’re about to eat, take them, and fry until the chicken is golden brown—or fully cooked.
enjoy! i know i do. 


Day 20 - A Hobby of Mine

  1. i love to write. i've made some short stories. (as seen on my previous post if you have some spare time to read it)
  2. i love to read too. mostly fantasies stories or love stories. as long as not a sci-fi i'll read it, i think.
  3. i love to sew!! i've tried to make some stuffs mostly skirts and now i have a new ambition to make a dress. wish me luck!
  4. i love to make things (crafty) and i cannot resist not to show you all my newest creation (well, not a grand creation) i finally made a real dream catcher with my own charms. take a look!

Day 19 - A Talent of Mine

I have some talent that i'm quite proud of:

  1. I can listen to people's conversation (english or indonesian) without even trying that hard. without even trying or intend to eavesdrop.
  2. I'm so committed to everything i do. example? i didn't quit my job, i keep continue doing this 50 days challenge thing, and last saturday i made a real dream catcher after i said "i want to make the real one" in the previous post. 
  3. I'm on time!! yes, that's a talent i think (in this country at least)
  4. I can scare people off only by staring at them (but this is also a double ended sword--so hard to flirt with my eyes)

well, none of the above are actually a talent. i mean a word 'talent' means well, talent. great singer, language fluency, piano master, ballet dancer those kind of talents. but those are mine, and I'm proud of it. 


Day 18- A Memorable Movie Scene

You're impossibly fast, and strong. Your skin is pale white and ice cold. Your eyes change color, and sometimes you speak like? like you're from a different time. You never eat or drink anything. You don't go out in the sunlight. How old are you?
How long have you been seventeen?
[pause] A while.
I know what you are.
Say it, out loud. Say it!
Are you afraid?

YES. that's right people. the most memorable movie scene for me came from this hilarious movie. now, don't judge too fast, I don't remember this because it's great, i cannot get it out my mind because me and my friends planned to do the Indonesian language dubbing version. and we've been practicing for (like Edward would say) 'a while'.