Day 34 - My Latest Addiction

okay, how to put this without making it sound so bad? I'm addicted to some bad stuff lately, but i'll get over it soon, I'm sure. anyways, some "normal" stuff that I'm addicted to are:
  • Lee Dewyze feat. Crystal Bowersox - Falling Slowly. it's not the way i see Clay Aiken actually, but i really like the version they had.
  • Sex And The City. to kill lots of time at night after my lousy work.
  • Caffein. have no idea why my dosage increase after my hard effort to reduce it down to 1 cup a day. now i must have at least 2 cups a day, or migraine.
  • Cold Stone Peanut butter with Daim topping. Near my office, and i got the discount card. it's heaven!!

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