Day 46 - Best Thing Ever Happened to Me

to be born in this family. 
(i know the picture looks like a lousy family picture taken in a lousy photo studio, in fact, that's our living room (sorry about the green background my mom seems to like it, i try to zip my mouth about that color on that wall) and the theme was "barong family" we had pictures taken when we each wore a different colors of barong bali shirt. i love these pictures.)


azenkeren said...

wohh.. i love this posting lit.. huhuh.. miss you all ;)

LITYA said...

jeeeenggggg!!! lo kmana aja???? kangen gosip2!! :C

nastysaint said...

lit bokap lo ganteng, ga boong

LITYA said...

lo temen gw kesekian yang bilang gitu!! hahahahahahaha