Day 19 - A Talent of Mine

I have some talent that i'm quite proud of:

  1. I can listen to people's conversation (english or indonesian) without even trying that hard. without even trying or intend to eavesdrop.
  2. I'm so committed to everything i do. example? i didn't quit my job, i keep continue doing this 50 days challenge thing, and last saturday i made a real dream catcher after i said "i want to make the real one" in the previous post. 
  3. I'm on time!! yes, that's a talent i think (in this country at least)
  4. I can scare people off only by staring at them (but this is also a double ended sword--so hard to flirt with my eyes)

well, none of the above are actually a talent. i mean a word 'talent' means well, talent. great singer, language fluency, piano master, ballet dancer those kind of talents. but those are mine, and I'm proud of it. 

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