Day 45 - Worst Thing Ever Happened to Me

*shitty internet connection, i couldn't post anything the last 3 days.

i've always been an optimist. i used to draw/write my future life goal and put it on my wall as a motivation. one of my "motivation" written this way:

internship (must have decent score) -> pre-final project (must get great score) -> final project (also must get great score) -> hopefully cum laude so i can give my parents front seat in my graduation ceremony -> Scholarship (please TU Delft, Design for Interaction) -> IKEA (yeah, dream job) -> Sihobit studio.

two weeks ago, i got my final score for my internship program, and it was a total disaster. and since those motivation i wrote above are related to each other, the domino effect officially applied. the worst thing that ever happened to me (yet) was to have my life motivation torn away by someone else's bad judgment and intolerance (i can speak this way because when i told the story to my other supervisor, he said i deserved at least an AB as my final score). i still have no idea what i've done so bad that makes me deserve to get a BC as my final score.

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