the weirdness

after all the sleepless night, every single (literally) nightmare, all the blood and tears that's been shed, the lost of significant amount of brain cells, lack of social skill, and so on. now it feels like i reached the top of the mountain, saw the run rise and then that's it. it stops. the huge question is: "where do i go from here?" it's time for me to start preparing myself for real life. it's scary, but i heard it's exiting..

anyways, the joy of being graduated's delayed because of some bad news, and i know that my fellow friends are working their butts off for that. GOOD LUCK GUYS!! sorry i couldn't come and help cause i have to be at home. but i still don't get it. one of my friend actually being very cheerful about "his/her" score that "she/he" lost her sanity and brag about the score. how ignorance people can be.





Volgende dag!

ja! volgende dag. donderdag!! mischien om 11 uur 'smidag. 
my final sidang. it's exiting, yet scary and stressful. anywayssss wish me luck!



난 "오빠" 필요. 재발!!
*hahaha. i lost significant amount of brain cells, i guess.


The reason

Why it's better to work together and/or with somebody else is, when you hit rock bottom that other person will try to pump your spirit back and blow in some positive thoughts. i need to have more faith in my amazing carpenter.

my mock-up looks like shit when i tried to build it up altogether. i hope my carpenter will have more happy thoughts than me at this moment and i hope he can help me fix that.

thanks Pa Ikin.. (if anybody needs a good carpenter in Bandung, don't hesitate to ask me his number. he's great! believe me.)


mom, dad,

if i grow up can i still slip within you two on the bed for comfort?
can i still call you when i hit rock bottom?
mom, will you still escort me around the town?
and will i still be your daddy's little girl?
i don't want to grow up..
i'm scared.


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at a room somewhere someplace


apaan sih bunyi2"

*liat-liatan penuh arti*

"sekoteng bukan sih lit?"


"sekoteng ya...?"

*abruptly stand. hustle.freeze.*

"Boy, cepetan lo lari dulu, gw ngunci kamar"

*BOy lari*

"Lit, suaranya dari sana *tunjuk arah kosan byul2*, gimana dong?!!"

"Ah kaya ga ada lubang aja. ayo boy!"

*lari di lapangan kosan orang dengan bunyi sendal jepit yang nyeplak-nyeplak*

*lari ke lubang. kosan byul2, masih dengan suara sendal jepit semangat 45*

* lari keluar gerbang. take a second buat sadar 'ini dimana ya?'*

" belok kiri...(kiri ato lurus?!)."


*spot tukang sekoteng*

*ngos2an sambil ketawa sambil (berusaha) treak2 manggil si mas sekoteng*

"A!" (panggilan buat abang2 di bandung)

*ada motor lewat. 2 cewe ngejar mang2 kayanya rada aneh, jadi litya dan boy diem dulu--try to keep the aink-ness*

*motornya lewat. teriak lebih kenceng.*


*tukang berenti 'tingtingting' trus nengok.*

"A! SEKOTENG????!!!!!!"

*si AA belokin gerobak ke arah neng2 yang ngos-ngosan*

"dibungkus, dimakan disini neng?"

*melihat kondisi sekitar, thinking: ini dimana??? jalan gelap di lorong ga jelas*

"bungkus A! 2!!!"

and they lived happily ever after....

........until they needed to find a wadah for the sekoteng.

dan mereka sadar ini di kosan cowok.

yang notabene jorok.

yang notabene minim utensil.

litya pantang menyerah.

*rogoh2 lemari.*

*found mug. shrieked at the founded mugs condition. returned mug.*

*found another mug. mug ala astrologi edition gitu. LIBRA.*

*kitchen. sink......clear shampoo sample.*

*jurus pertama. kocok2 air dalem gelas tanpa melibatkan tangan.*

*masi kotor.*

*isi air lagi, masukin lagi dikit, kali ini ngaduknya pake tangan.*

*not clean enough.*

"....Lit, lo jinjit ya dari tadi???"

"*masih ber 'euhEUH' ria tapi ga sudi brenti (berusaha) nyuci gelas*....iya"

"gila ga bersih2!"

*berusaha mencet clear sample lebih banyak lagi, tapi kurang sukses.*

*liat sebelah*...."Eh Lit..."...*pantene jumbo*

*pantene jumbo diambil dan dipergunakan dengan baik....2x cuci*

wadah siap. sendok??

*untung ada sendok bebek bekas makan malem yang bisa dicuci tanpa effort sebesar nyuci gelas.*

in the end....



yes! i finally made it.

a little "escape" from my boring room. a tent. (the one i made 2 months ago before the second preview) now i made the better and bigger one for SIDANG. two more weeks.. wish me luck

today's also Raffy's (the gay giraffe on the right picture) 5th birthday. i usually drop him for laundry as anual birthday present, but this year he has to wait until i'm done with SIDANG.

(the puppies on the left is actually boi's. his name's jonhnatan and he's also gay)


so this is new year

i spent it with two of my great friends and a bunch of friendly strangers at trottoart. hope my philosophy's right this time. happy new year everyone!! :D