the weirdness

after all the sleepless night, every single (literally) nightmare, all the blood and tears that's been shed, the lost of significant amount of brain cells, lack of social skill, and so on. now it feels like i reached the top of the mountain, saw the run rise and then that's it. it stops. the huge question is: "where do i go from here?" it's time for me to start preparing myself for real life. it's scary, but i heard it's exiting..

anyways, the joy of being graduated's delayed because of some bad news, and i know that my fellow friends are working their butts off for that. GOOD LUCK GUYS!! sorry i couldn't come and help cause i have to be at home. but i still don't get it. one of my friend actually being very cheerful about "his/her" score that "she/he" lost her sanity and brag about the score. how ignorance people can be.

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