tuhan suka becanda #10

my boss called me to investigate a negataive romour she heard. so apparently i'm just "another girl" and later this day i asked again about my commision, muti and i was that close to give ourresignation letter this afternoon.. thankfully the matter sorted out quite well..then later in theevening we played "ball game" and yes, umpan disambut.. maksudnya baik..
all of you can just go fuck yourself, assholes!! shame on you.


Diandra Canti Hadiawan, S. Ds.

finally the three of us will get that 'picture' :D
* more update later when i have time to transfer all photos..


Happy Pills

no matter how dull the office is, as long as i still have them, i think i'll be alright.
(by the way, we were so bored we tried every photo-application on our free ipad)



i have nothing to lose, does it mean i have nothing to give or i have no life to live?? or maybe it means i fear nothing and literaly numb of the fear itself? i believe i just simply dont give a single fuck.


looking forward for that trip Mi~~

Mia posted this on her blog, she said it was dedicated to me (original post)

i do really miss our traveling time together. one of the best 50 days of my life for sure, and if i have to redo everything all over again, i wouldn't change a single thing from our clumsy yet fun trip.


Bad author

The fact that my mood has been chrased right after I opened my eyes is one thing, the reality of the similar story repeating itself under different circumstances turned out to be beyond devastating to me. Gah! Again?!! Seriously.
Why so jealous if I put a smile on my face because I'm actually finally happy after a while? I don't ask much, sometimes I do need you to support my choice. (and not only for academmic purpose as you always do)


i know what i miss

my epic "korean" life. :(
i miss watching some korean dramas, and miss the after-shocking-effect i usually got.

anyone knows a good korean drama these days?


geen probleem

with the maag, i think in the normal situation i would just get it over with. things that happened recently really made me want to do the most coward thing i always do every time the low point hits me. stay away from other people. God, give my sanity back by next week please.. i can't keep this on.

by the way, i have some nice stories to share:

1. Last week i went to watch breaking down with DeeDee.. and yes, we had our black-out but it was worth it. (believe me, we enjoyed it as a guilty pleasure)

2. I got my hands on conan. yes, i finally able to completed my colection since i was in grade school. in addition, i also got Salad Days--the one that I've been meaning to read but never got a chance to because it's not in production anymore.

3. Today, as an output for my "condition" i cooked my dad some stuff and to my surprise he added more and more to his plate (i assume that's a good sign)

Seafood risotto with fungi

Asian Prawn ala anak kos

Honey glazed chicken with rosemarry