geen probleem

with the maag, i think in the normal situation i would just get it over with. things that happened recently really made me want to do the most coward thing i always do every time the low point hits me. stay away from other people. God, give my sanity back by next week please.. i can't keep this on.

by the way, i have some nice stories to share:

1. Last week i went to watch breaking down with DeeDee.. and yes, we had our black-out but it was worth it. (believe me, we enjoyed it as a guilty pleasure)

2. I got my hands on conan. yes, i finally able to completed my colection since i was in grade school. in addition, i also got Salad Days--the one that I've been meaning to read but never got a chance to because it's not in production anymore.

3. Today, as an output for my "condition" i cooked my dad some stuff and to my surprise he added more and more to his plate (i assume that's a good sign)

Seafood risotto with fungi

Asian Prawn ala anak kos

Honey glazed chicken with rosemarry


Claude C Kenni said...

Gua selalu salut sama cewe yg meskipun punya impian dan karir yg ingin dicapai, tapi masih punya waktu untuk masak...

Btw suka Salad Days juga Lit? Hehehe

LITYA said...

hahaha.. saluran ngilangin stress ven.. :p

iyaa.. selama ini gw nyari komiknya abis kalo baca online mata gw perih.. makanya pas ktemu gw borong