fb said this is me.

I followed a personality test on fb, turned out like this. hahahaha.
  • You're the kind of person who likes to keep everything for yourself
  • you will believe everyone who comes into your life
  • your life is fulfilled. and this is good for you
  • you're weak and fragile
  • you have high sex appeal
  • you only have few best friends in your life
  • your previous relationship was not going well and you're trying to forget it
  • when your spouse is near you, you will always be close to her/him
  • when your spouse is away, you're still thinking about her/him and will always be loyal to her/him
  • you have average ego
  • you're a cocky individual
  • your bond with your friends is weak/average
  • you really love your spouse
  • your spouse is someone who is homey, kind and simple
  • you will go straight to your spouse whenever you're in trouble


i always hate wednesday

I hate to wake up before 7am just to attend a class. I hate it more when people rely on me for "absen" because they think "oh, she must be there! let's ask her!" come on! move your ass!! It's not that hard!! You always make excuses for this (and also for a thing WE must do on Thursday) I mean, come on!! Many people want to be in your place, stop giving me excuses (or stop giving the REST of us--Thursday thing--excuses) about why you cannot make it, and come instead!! It's only for 6 hours for God's sake!! Bring along your laptop if you want and do whatever it is your excuses THERE!!!

Many people want to fill in your place, and you're lucky enough to got it. now you're wasting it.



dressing up is not a crime

Holloween. instead of wearing costume, we decided to "super dress-up" with something we don't usually wear. supposed to be 3 people in this pict.


saturday night, nothing to do

Favorite movie of all time!!!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~ Sam Coulson(Michael Vartan)~~


guilty pleasure

yeah, I can't wait to watch this movie together with mocho and boi.. we made a pact!! we crossed our hearts to watch this movie together. The three of us are (I'm sure and I know I'm right) secretly can't wait to watch it.



okay, for those of you who already knew about it just be quite and let me write..
for quite a while I have this checklist of what kind of guy that I'm looking for (if I were you, I won't take it seriously) but when I joke about it to my friends they all said "no way! there's no such guy l
ike that" "I don't think you will find someone with ALL those criteria" "yeah, dream on!" and honestly, I myself also think "no way that's possible, all in one? yeah rite!"

anyway, here's my checklist:
1. British. I don't know why exactly, i just looooove the way they talk with their accents.
2. Lefty. yep, I think left handed people are cool (I'm right handed)
3. Plays piano. for some of you that might sounds cheesy, but I really like guy who plays piano.
4. Brown/dark eyes. I don't like bright eyes. no reason.
5. Dark hair
6. Good looking. obviously.

long story short, my dad was watching TV about the beatles, there HE IS!! (this is weird because I like the beatles--thanks to daddy who poisoned me with it since I was a toddler, and I like HIM--my favorite beatles--and I never realized that he's actually one guy with those criteria I said earlier)

Paul McCartney is REAL! (unreacable, not to mention too old now) but still, he's alive, he exsists. so look guys! I found my "all in one" guy!!!


maar daar maakt het echt niet beter van!!

I swear, in the future, if I ever be a successful women who has a design studio and there's a fellow student ask me to have an internship in my studio, I will tell them the truth:

yes--if i like their works
no--if i think their works are incoherence to mine.
no--if i do not have time/place for an intern

And when I say "I let you know soon after I look through your portfolio" I WILL TELL THEM ASAP!!! I wont let them hang around waiting for my decision when their precious times could be used to find ANOTHER appropriate place. Even saying "I work alone, thanks for asking" is MUCH BETTER than that*

I hate that "MY TOY"--translate that to france language for real name.haha (ga boleh sebut merek dong, ntar di sue) stuff.
I mean, my dad did actually drove all the way there to gave them my portfolio (at that time I was in Bandung so I couldn't sent it myself--and he doesn't have that much free time, which I'm sure he'd prefer to be doing something he likes instead of drove all the way through rush hour to help his daughter send her portfolio) and THEY LOST IT. Then they asked me to send my portfolio via email, and I did, and SHE said "okay, I'll look through it and I will let you know soon."

How soon is SOON?? it's been 3 weeks for God's sake!!!

aahhh.. don't worry, I'll forget about it anyway. I post it so years later I'll remember how hard it was to be a student looking for a place for an internship, and we aren't babies, you can just tell us if you don't like our works. At least that way, we wont hold our hopes too high to have an internship at your place. Just be honest from the start. That's all we need.

And for everyone who's been successful, please take a moment to remember when you were struggling to where you are now. I'm there at where you were, but I made a promise to myself, I won't treat people like that*

*the story I told above