maar daar maakt het echt niet beter van!!

I swear, in the future, if I ever be a successful women who has a design studio and there's a fellow student ask me to have an internship in my studio, I will tell them the truth:

yes--if i like their works
no--if i think their works are incoherence to mine.
no--if i do not have time/place for an intern

And when I say "I let you know soon after I look through your portfolio" I WILL TELL THEM ASAP!!! I wont let them hang around waiting for my decision when their precious times could be used to find ANOTHER appropriate place. Even saying "I work alone, thanks for asking" is MUCH BETTER than that*

I hate that "MY TOY"--translate that to france language for real name.haha (ga boleh sebut merek dong, ntar di sue) stuff.
I mean, my dad did actually drove all the way there to gave them my portfolio (at that time I was in Bandung so I couldn't sent it myself--and he doesn't have that much free time, which I'm sure he'd prefer to be doing something he likes instead of drove all the way through rush hour to help his daughter send her portfolio) and THEY LOST IT. Then they asked me to send my portfolio via email, and I did, and SHE said "okay, I'll look through it and I will let you know soon."

How soon is SOON?? it's been 3 weeks for God's sake!!!

aahhh.. don't worry, I'll forget about it anyway. I post it so years later I'll remember how hard it was to be a student looking for a place for an internship, and we aren't babies, you can just tell us if you don't like our works. At least that way, we wont hold our hopes too high to have an internship at your place. Just be honest from the start. That's all we need.

And for everyone who's been successful, please take a moment to remember when you were struggling to where you are now. I'm there at where you were, but I made a promise to myself, I won't treat people like that*

*the story I told above

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