fb said this is me.

I followed a personality test on fb, turned out like this. hahahaha.
  • You're the kind of person who likes to keep everything for yourself
  • you will believe everyone who comes into your life
  • your life is fulfilled. and this is good for you
  • you're weak and fragile
  • you have high sex appeal
  • you only have few best friends in your life
  • your previous relationship was not going well and you're trying to forget it
  • when your spouse is near you, you will always be close to her/him
  • when your spouse is away, you're still thinking about her/him and will always be loyal to her/him
  • you have average ego
  • you're a cocky individual
  • your bond with your friends is weak/average
  • you really love your spouse
  • your spouse is someone who is homey, kind and simple
  • you will go straight to your spouse whenever you're in trouble

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