okay, for those of you who already knew about it just be quite and let me write..
for quite a while I have this checklist of what kind of guy that I'm looking for (if I were you, I won't take it seriously) but when I joke about it to my friends they all said "no way! there's no such guy l
ike that" "I don't think you will find someone with ALL those criteria" "yeah, dream on!" and honestly, I myself also think "no way that's possible, all in one? yeah rite!"

anyway, here's my checklist:
1. British. I don't know why exactly, i just looooove the way they talk with their accents.
2. Lefty. yep, I think left handed people are cool (I'm right handed)
3. Plays piano. for some of you that might sounds cheesy, but I really like guy who plays piano.
4. Brown/dark eyes. I don't like bright eyes. no reason.
5. Dark hair
6. Good looking. obviously.

long story short, my dad was watching TV about the beatles, there HE IS!! (this is weird because I like the beatles--thanks to daddy who poisoned me with it since I was a toddler, and I like HIM--my favorite beatles--and I never realized that he's actually one guy with those criteria I said earlier)

Paul McCartney is REAL! (unreacable, not to mention too old now) but still, he's alive, he exsists. so look guys! I found my "all in one" guy!!!

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kentutbaja said...

HAHAHHAHAHA, anjing dasar selera uncle uncle
*ga tahan ga ngomen.

tapi tetep ga tahan :