Bandung #7

we took a night train from Solo to Bandung. arrived in Bandung at around 7 o'clock. we were dying for a hot shower to shove off all the "dirty environment" we had on the train. we passed out right away after the shower.

by 10 o'clock we're up again. we must come to this food festival event held in jalan Saparua. there're lots of great food here. too bad we're broke, so we couldn't buy each food for each of us--turned out ora way of splitting the food was smart, because therefore we could try more food without actually being too full.

so, till next trip girls!!! :D

(picture source from Keukeun Facebook)


Solo #6

main reason we did this trip was to get here. the design statement design trip. it's a seminar/workshop held in one day.


Solo #5

went to Klewer the traditional market.

Sop Matahari. i Liked this one.

Selat Solo (?) too sweet for my taste.

In the afternoon, we were hungry, we thought it was sekoteng. turned out it was ASLE. so instead of Ginger only, it was also aded with soy milk. i liked this one also.

went to Galabo at night.


Dogjakarta-Solo #4

we've been craving for this rujak es krim since day one. the non-scale map we had showed that this might be quite far to conquer bu foot, so we hired a becak. 3 of us--not so light weight--packed in one little becak. i pitied the bapak-bapak, but well, we got there eventually. the rujak es krim, it's addictive (not in a way you want to have it over and over again in one sitting, but later that day until now, i'm still craving for that ice cream)

next, taman pintar. it's basicly TMII in Jakarta packed into a smaller site.

we had to return to the hotel because our train would leave at 4. so no matter how hard the rain fell, we insisted ourselves to cross Vredeburg and received all those look people gave us. we could tell what's on their min "sure those three are Jakartans, because they're stupid enough to make a scene by crossing in the middle of rain fall." 

before we got into the train station, we--well, Ayu actually--had to argue with one tukang becak. he asked for 15.000 to take us to the train station that was only 100 meter away. if it wasn't raining so hard, we would go there by foot. but in the end, he challenged us by saying "well, it's nearby, but it's raining, therefore it's 15.00". challenge accepted. we said, "no thank you" and went by foot under the pouring rain. it was worth it. 

My first Indonesia train ride. :D

good-bye Djogja, hallo Solo!!

in Solo, we're staying at Ayu's house. at night her mom took us to eat nasi liwet. i'm a bit sad that i forgot to capture the dish, but it's awesome!! i love everything about that nasi liwet.

Continued with Jagung bakar. still curious with the "bon bin flavor" 


Djogjakarta #3

today boi will be joining us. so ayu and i made a plan to shop first (because boi didn't want to shop) and i wanted to add more items to my starbucks collection. therefore we went to Malioboro mall. no starbucks there. so we made our way to Ambarukmo Plaza. and it was faaaaaarrrr (for jogja at least). maybe on the non-scale map it looked so close but apparently to go there we had to take trans-jogja from Malioboro straight to the Airport then take another route to the city.

it was a tiring effort and when we got there, THE MUGS ARE SOLD OUT!! (maaf ya tendy..)

moving on, we went shopping again in the end near Malioboro. though boi said she didn't want to shop and i said i had enough stuff, we could resist for not buying cute little souvenirs. with all those purchase definitely made us the ultimate tourists.

Boi and Litya--the ultimate tourists

Ayu's Shooping cart

Boi's Shopping cart

My shopping cart


Djogjakarta #2

so i just knew that Djogja has it's own transport similar to trans-jakarta. it a good way to travel around Djogja if you're as clueless as i was. 

and yes, as tourist as i could be, i asked ayu to take me to eat gudeg--it's a traditional food from Djogjakarta, it's made from jack fruit and some chicken skin they call krecek, it's a good meal actually, but too much of it's not very good for your taste buds, it's too sweet for my taste but the spiciness in the krecek kinda balance it out. 

a walk around town.

dinner!! sate kuda--horse satay. it's awesome!!

with this gelato made traditionally in TipTop Ice Cream. the flavor choices aren't that much but i have to say, i think this gelato is smoother/softer than the one i had in Italy.

Djogjakarta #1

first thing first, hotel.

this is what the website promised us

this is what we got

now we managed to deal with the hotel condition, and the saying stated when you're under pressure your mind tend to be more creative. it showed on how we decided to hang our towel by the ceiling fan and hang our semi-wet pants with plastic bag so they didn't touch the moldy wall.


my collections

i've wanted to do this a long time ago, but still hasn't got a chance and too lazy to get the pictures (well, in this case the picture will be uploaded soon as i get the mood to do so)

Starbucks mugs

i collect mugs since i was in high-school--the one i think looked interesting or different. One day, my cousin from Canada gave me my first inspiration for starbucks city mugs, so the collection continues as i travel (i'm a bit sad the fact that Italy has no Starbucks since they call it "the dirty water" an all--but i have to admit, coffee in Italy is sure heavenly.)

Detective Conan

i read it when i was 10. As the price of the comic books grow i lost interest in collecting them and chose to read it online. But deeply i always have this ambition to collect all of them in comic books form instead of downloaded files. With a little help from my mom--she found a nice place in Blok M that sells outdated comic books with great price--i finally manage to completed it.

Darren Shan

Yeah, knew this book since i was about 13, and it was expensive back then so i bought some and borrowed some, therefore it's never been a complete collection. One day my friend called during her internship in Bali, she said she got the last-four-books collection and wondered if i wanted them. i did, of course. Yesterday, i was the one that gave her the call "i got all the collections! and it cost only Rp. 5000 a book, do you want some?" and i guess, my Darren Shan is also a complete series now.

Wine Corks

I don't drink all the wines of the corks i got (wines are too expensive in this country, but the ones i enjoyed i signed the date and the country i bought it from), mostly i harvested the along Champ De Mars in Paris (the huge field in front of the Eiffel Tower). People Hang-out there everyday, drinking wine and everything, so i figure i'll take some that i could put in my plastic bag and collect it.


first inspiration came from my dad a very long time ago. He likes to take free stuff displayed on the street. Since he's been around the world, i got loads of postcard from the cute and unique ones to the WTF ones. No, people don't really sent me postcards. it's more i'm the one that sent them (or so to say, i'm the lucky one.. :D) but i still want to collect the same postcards i sent to my friends so here goes..

Cities Emblem

The originak plan was to sew them all to my lovely backpack that i caried around every time i travel.

Flags Background

well, not every country has a "famous landmark" so to make sure i remember where my picture was taken i insisted to take at least one picture of the country flag in whichever country i was in.

City Sewer lids

some cities took their sewer decoration for serious business. and i took it seriously too.


I'm not the only jobless now

call me a bad friend, but somehow i'm a bit joyous when i heard ahjumma PIK resigned. i mean the three of us knew it was the best for her. so that means more time to hang-out during weekdays!! (yeah, we're going to enjoy it for a while now, before we work under 9 to 5 rules all over again)

anyway, today we hung out to Gandaria City and strolled around Gramedia. As usual, The Big Man Above sent us His "wahyu" somehow.

and my today's WTF:

maybe it's been in the market for a while (forgive me for my lack of 'going outside' thanks to my previous job) but i just saw it today. seriously, WHY??