Djogjakarta #3

today boi will be joining us. so ayu and i made a plan to shop first (because boi didn't want to shop) and i wanted to add more items to my starbucks collection. therefore we went to Malioboro mall. no starbucks there. so we made our way to Ambarukmo Plaza. and it was faaaaaarrrr (for jogja at least). maybe on the non-scale map it looked so close but apparently to go there we had to take trans-jogja from Malioboro straight to the Airport then take another route to the city.

it was a tiring effort and when we got there, THE MUGS ARE SOLD OUT!! (maaf ya tendy..)

moving on, we went shopping again in the end near Malioboro. though boi said she didn't want to shop and i said i had enough stuff, we could resist for not buying cute little souvenirs. with all those purchase definitely made us the ultimate tourists.

Boi and Litya--the ultimate tourists

Ayu's Shooping cart

Boi's Shopping cart

My shopping cart

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