Djogjakarta #2

so i just knew that Djogja has it's own transport similar to trans-jakarta. it a good way to travel around Djogja if you're as clueless as i was. 

and yes, as tourist as i could be, i asked ayu to take me to eat gudeg--it's a traditional food from Djogjakarta, it's made from jack fruit and some chicken skin they call krecek, it's a good meal actually, but too much of it's not very good for your taste buds, it's too sweet for my taste but the spiciness in the krecek kinda balance it out. 

a walk around town.

dinner!! sate kuda--horse satay. it's awesome!!

with this gelato made traditionally in TipTop Ice Cream. the flavor choices aren't that much but i have to say, i think this gelato is smoother/softer than the one i had in Italy.

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