Dogjakarta-Solo #4

we've been craving for this rujak es krim since day one. the non-scale map we had showed that this might be quite far to conquer bu foot, so we hired a becak. 3 of us--not so light weight--packed in one little becak. i pitied the bapak-bapak, but well, we got there eventually. the rujak es krim, it's addictive (not in a way you want to have it over and over again in one sitting, but later that day until now, i'm still craving for that ice cream)

next, taman pintar. it's basicly TMII in Jakarta packed into a smaller site.

we had to return to the hotel because our train would leave at 4. so no matter how hard the rain fell, we insisted ourselves to cross Vredeburg and received all those look people gave us. we could tell what's on their min "sure those three are Jakartans, because they're stupid enough to make a scene by crossing in the middle of rain fall." 

before we got into the train station, we--well, Ayu actually--had to argue with one tukang becak. he asked for 15.000 to take us to the train station that was only 100 meter away. if it wasn't raining so hard, we would go there by foot. but in the end, he challenged us by saying "well, it's nearby, but it's raining, therefore it's 15.00". challenge accepted. we said, "no thank you" and went by foot under the pouring rain. it was worth it. 

My first Indonesia train ride. :D

good-bye Djogja, hallo Solo!!

in Solo, we're staying at Ayu's house. at night her mom took us to eat nasi liwet. i'm a bit sad that i forgot to capture the dish, but it's awesome!! i love everything about that nasi liwet.

Continued with Jagung bakar. still curious with the "bon bin flavor" 

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