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finally. i post this. :D

Happy Birthday Amanda

cepet dapet jodoh ya! 


Master Degree

i always like studying--not that i'm a type of nerdy student-- it's just i like knowing new things and i love being haunt by deadlines (aren't we all love pushing everything through the deadlines?) but, being here doing all the paper works sometimes can be overwhelming. when i was in my bachelor class every take home test means "i can do it today because after all what i need to do was just repeating what the lecturers said and put it all together" in master class it's a whole different story.

take home test means we must do some research to put everything together. i can do it the way i did in bachelor class of course but then i wont get the passing grade needed. when all the tasks is to analyze and annotate from every source i can get, the test is almost impossible to be done in a day--or two. and it's impossible to rely only on popular source such as internet. the effect for me, now i have some books that i have to read, otherwise i'll sound stupid whenever i do the "homework" that always have to consist at least 4 pages of analytical review. 

anyway, to reach my goal in life, i must pass this part. so to all who apply in master class just to avoid working, i'll suggest you to think twice. i want to teach, therefore it's a must to do a master class (or even doctoral).


weird conversations

i had a conversation with my friend yesterday:

M : i'm so scared an exited at the same time.
L : if i were you, i would too.. aaahhh can't wait to be in your shoes.
M : wow, soon enough the circle of our friends will change.
L : yeah i know, i mean i already took a step further from the ones i know.
M : why?
L : can't follow the lifestyle. i don't make that much money they have, you know. they hang out almost every week spending money worth of two weeks living cost here.
M : well, maybe because they need to be with people. few months ago we were there too, remember? try to spend much time with friends to escape loneliness.
L : i know.
M : we're luckier, although we don't have that much money to spend, if you know what i mean.
L : i know what you mean, and i'm thankful for that.

another conversation followed later that afternoon with another friends:

Y: i was in love long time ago, and we've been together for four years.
L : then what happened?
Y : we almost got married. he went to his parents back in Aussie to ask for permission. a day before he surfed and got accident. he died. (she smiled to this.)
L : *speechless*

D : I've been with my boyfriend for 6 years. but hasn't got the feeling of marrying him.
L : Why not?
D : i don't know, just not sure yet.
B : YOu know, i purposed to my wife only after 4 days. it's not about how long you've been with each other. when it's right, you just knew. so be patience girls.. (with his annoying grin)



i had a talk with my friend yesterday. he said with his bright eyes--which rarely happens, "Lit, my son will be born in December." he said proudly. he then explained about all the preparation, cost, the way he wants his baby to be born and grow. i could see how much he's enjoying having his own little family and the fact that a new member is about to come. 

that's the very first time i realized, i want that in my life. i want that emotion, i want that look, i want that pride. 


afternoon rooftop picnic

that's exactly how i felt when my friend share a story about someone from the past. he's just as bad as the way he was when i left him several years ago. i thought being successful will change someone into a better person (well, at least on some basic part, e.g stick to his promises) but noooo.. he's just as cheap and undependable. he still owes money from here and there. he still asks people to pay for his food. he's still as cocky as he was before--no action, talk only-guy-cocky, and some other things that i can't really put my fingers on, i'm not sure about the term of it even in my own language. What i know is i left because i was dying to escape and i got my freedom in the end. from that day onwards i'm still as thankful as i was back then.

thank you very much, Dear God, you release me from a person i know would ruin my life forever. thank you. thank you. thank you.