weird conversations

i had a conversation with my friend yesterday:

M : i'm so scared an exited at the same time.
L : if i were you, i would too.. aaahhh can't wait to be in your shoes.
M : wow, soon enough the circle of our friends will change.
L : yeah i know, i mean i already took a step further from the ones i know.
M : why?
L : can't follow the lifestyle. i don't make that much money they have, you know. they hang out almost every week spending money worth of two weeks living cost here.
M : well, maybe because they need to be with people. few months ago we were there too, remember? try to spend much time with friends to escape loneliness.
L : i know.
M : we're luckier, although we don't have that much money to spend, if you know what i mean.
L : i know what you mean, and i'm thankful for that.

another conversation followed later that afternoon with another friends:

Y: i was in love long time ago, and we've been together for four years.
L : then what happened?
Y : we almost got married. he went to his parents back in Aussie to ask for permission. a day before he surfed and got accident. he died. (she smiled to this.)
L : *speechless*

D : I've been with my boyfriend for 6 years. but hasn't got the feeling of marrying him.
L : Why not?
D : i don't know, just not sure yet.
B : YOu know, i purposed to my wife only after 4 days. it's not about how long you've been with each other. when it's right, you just knew. so be patience girls.. (with his annoying grin)

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Claude C Kenni said...

The only certain thing about life is the uncertainty...

But in the end, the choice is ours =)