afternoon rooftop picnic

that's exactly how i felt when my friend share a story about someone from the past. he's just as bad as the way he was when i left him several years ago. i thought being successful will change someone into a better person (well, at least on some basic part, e.g stick to his promises) but noooo.. he's just as cheap and undependable. he still owes money from here and there. he still asks people to pay for his food. he's still as cocky as he was before--no action, talk only-guy-cocky, and some other things that i can't really put my fingers on, i'm not sure about the term of it even in my own language. What i know is i left because i was dying to escape and i got my freedom in the end. from that day onwards i'm still as thankful as i was back then.

thank you very much, Dear God, you release me from a person i know would ruin my life forever. thank you. thank you. thank you.

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Claude C Kenni said...

Some people doesn't change Lit. We can't change people, life can't change people, only he himself able to change himself =)