tuhan suka becanda #10

my boss called me to investigate a negataive romour she heard. so apparently i'm just "another girl" and later this day i asked again about my commision, muti and i was that close to give ourresignation letter this afternoon.. thankfully the matter sorted out quite well..then later in theevening we played "ball game" and yes, umpan disambut.. maksudnya baik..
all of you can just go fuck yourself, assholes!! shame on you.


Diandra Canti Hadiawan, S. Ds.

finally the three of us will get that 'picture' :D
* more update later when i have time to transfer all photos..


Happy Pills

no matter how dull the office is, as long as i still have them, i think i'll be alright.
(by the way, we were so bored we tried every photo-application on our free ipad)



i have nothing to lose, does it mean i have nothing to give or i have no life to live?? or maybe it means i fear nothing and literaly numb of the fear itself? i believe i just simply dont give a single fuck.


looking forward for that trip Mi~~

Mia posted this on her blog, she said it was dedicated to me (original post)

i do really miss our traveling time together. one of the best 50 days of my life for sure, and if i have to redo everything all over again, i wouldn't change a single thing from our clumsy yet fun trip.


Bad author

The fact that my mood has been chrased right after I opened my eyes is one thing, the reality of the similar story repeating itself under different circumstances turned out to be beyond devastating to me. Gah! Again?!! Seriously.
Why so jealous if I put a smile on my face because I'm actually finally happy after a while? I don't ask much, sometimes I do need you to support my choice. (and not only for academmic purpose as you always do)


i know what i miss

my epic "korean" life. :(
i miss watching some korean dramas, and miss the after-shocking-effect i usually got.

anyone knows a good korean drama these days?


geen probleem

with the maag, i think in the normal situation i would just get it over with. things that happened recently really made me want to do the most coward thing i always do every time the low point hits me. stay away from other people. God, give my sanity back by next week please.. i can't keep this on.

by the way, i have some nice stories to share:

1. Last week i went to watch breaking down with DeeDee.. and yes, we had our black-out but it was worth it. (believe me, we enjoyed it as a guilty pleasure)

2. I got my hands on conan. yes, i finally able to completed my colection since i was in grade school. in addition, i also got Salad Days--the one that I've been meaning to read but never got a chance to because it's not in production anymore.

3. Today, as an output for my "condition" i cooked my dad some stuff and to my surprise he added more and more to his plate (i assume that's a good sign)

Seafood risotto with fungi

Asian Prawn ala anak kos

Honey glazed chicken with rosemarry



when my internship product made it to the front page of a design/architecture magazine. yep, the blue arm chair is my baby.. :D --maybe this is how it feels to have kids and see them go to college.

*Griya asri vol 12 December



she's one of my first 'real-life' teachers. i love her unconditionally.
if there are some things i learned from her is i learned to let people in and accept them the way they are, despite their imperfections. She also taught me to appreciate the wonderful life i have. She's one of a kind for sure.



back to this place today with Boi!!

we were invited to be the "judges" for our High school product design class final examination.

these are the worst product of the day (especially the ashtray)

these are the good ones
we loooove the sword!!

i never received any penghargaan from this school when i studied there, today, i finally got one.
thank you Lord for this wonderful day..



i grew in a place i'm gonna call "kandang serigala" at my campus, and i didn't know then that when a boy lost a "battle" in getting a girl they'll act literally like stupid little boys that lost a fight in hide-and-seek. wow. i'm speechless.

speechless because of two points, my campus mates are more mature than most boys, indeed.
and age really is just numbers. (this guy that "lost the battle" certainty older than me and his opponent)



gaji buta #3

went to a meeting outside the office. it's actually nearby and i could just get a bajaj to take me there.. but since my office has some pride to maintain i had to take muti with me (well, actually we just needed to get out of the office and stated that muti's car is the only way to go there)
and after the meeting, we took a little detour to enjoy a gift from our office mate that just came from china. (the little red--of course it's red! it's made in china--thing)

Mood breaker

Not that I’m not used to it, it’s just the fact that people will always try to investigate your bad part to the very core no matter how well the outcome you’ve given them. I feel like punching (or maybe hurt them with any kind of blunt objects over and over again) the on the head, simply just to see what’s inside their rotten mind.

Someone once taught me, "before you judge people, try—I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy—to measure their good feature first. ANY good features, even if it’s just the fact that they have beautiful smile." I’ve been keeping her words in mind ever since. But what’s the point of behaving yourself towards those bastards that cannot wait to see you to mess up and laugh to your face right away, huh?

I went to college and learned more about people. During that time I manage to create my own way to judge people. I want to believe they’re good, until the result says otherwise. Having some faith in humanity surely is a hard thing.

*loosen the critics a bit, would you? and try to take a look into the mirror on our display.. there are a lot of it!!


Dear you,

the baby steps i'm taking might be a little too little. sorry if you have to wait, and sorry if the atmosphere's weird every now and then around my house, we don't get a lot visitors..

thanks anyway.. :)


gaji buta #2

another day without anything to do (big boss is out off the country) so we made these.


gaji buta #1

all started from the "nothing-to-do-ness", me and my office mate finally decided to make these owls.. first of all we planned to make it the next day with proper fabrics, but boredom stroke and we just used whatever we got in hands--magazines paper..

muti's owl(the left one) looks like oom2 flirting with my owl.. :D



accidentally played these this morning. i miss nongkrong at kosan simply just to learn the moves then of we went to NAV afterwards for a real practice.. :(


Radio Dalam

the right place for an office. i didn't expect to meet her today, but then she said "can i come during lunch time?" so she came.. soooo happy that i met her today!!! :D *masih euphoria.*




because finally i stepped out of the soooo called comfort zone i manage to keep all these years. :)


Tuhan suka becanda #9

1. it's a small world after all

remember the cute old couple i mentioned a few weeks ago? turned out they're the grandparents of my junior high school friend, who was my ex' crush when they were little, and our moms know each other, and my brother is also a friend of her little sister. (aarrgghh weird sentence, fix later when i'm not too tired)


seriously??!! it's not a big deal anymore, though. but this is just a full 'tuhan suka becanda' moment for me personally. And i did laugh so hard on this matter. who knows how bad/well it'd turn out? we'll see


Did slap me!

What adnan said..

"you need to stop testing the water. Don't you realize that you need the water?!! You and I, we both have a same major problem when it comes to this stuff, we're affraid of commitment. You know, I faced my fear earlier and now I'm happy with my girl friend. Let loose a little lit.. Let loose."



Accidentally click kbs and saw poseidon. I know now how much I miss trashing my time watching Korean series with ramyeon as my dinner.


we got the ISO

and this is the "celebration" no cake, no food, no drink, not even a toast, just "thank you".. anyway, this is my new 'class'. every time i wake up and go to work, i actually feel like i'm going to campus--thanks to these wonderful people (not so wonderful working hour though, but hey! nothing's perfect, right?!)



kupu-kupu butterfly!!
you are so cute just like I.

*if you don't know the song, don't judge the grammar!! :D


A few days ago, I was at the office all alone. It was Sunday so everyone else had their weekly day off while I didn’t. When I was about to close the showroom, a car pulled in, and an old couple came out off the car. Apparently, they’re planning to build a wardrobe and kitchen for their new apartment. Let me describe this couple. They’re about 60-ish and I bet very rich. I greeted them and showed them around the showroom.

They started off as a costumer, asking about “what new stuff do you have?” which means that they’re an old costumer coming back for another purchase. They stared arguing with each other in Dutch!—yes, it’s so meant to be, but they’re actually Indonesian—and I tried not to laugh until the lady finally realized that I understand Dutch. After the language barrier, they started to treat me not as a sales woman anymore, but more as a ‘new girl that just got her job, let’s try to make this a good experience for her’ attitude.

The old guy kept saying ‘I want this, I want that, look! It’s so great! Oh wow, I want it featured in my house.’ And the old lady kept saying ‘oh my god! The apartment is not even ready yet, stop making her confuse and just get to the point! We can take care of what’s inside the wardrobe later.’ Which replied by the old guy ‘but it has to be good, kijk dit is mooi.’

They also have the behavior of old couple that’s adoring—in some ways. The old guy couldn’t stop sneezing and the lady would look at me while rolling her eyes saying ‘he’s really old, once he sneezes he wont stop’ the she smiled.

My office offers a discount for costumers. To get this discount they must play with our dartboard then pop a balloon to know how much discount they get. And when I said that, they both were so exited and the old guy said ‘you do that’ to his wife then look at me ‘she’s better at this stuff than I do, but can I also play? Can we throw twice?’ with a playful look in his eyes. They only got 10% discount instead of 49,9 but they jumped on their feet happily. *ah, seriously I’m tearing up remembering this*

It’s warming in some ways to see they still fought each other in ‘old couple demeanor’ and they still play around feeling like they’re just as young as me. I was actually very happy to meet them. I didn’t grow up with the luxury of having my grandparents around, so I never really knew how to deal with old people—although I have a very sensitive part about it, I fall easily for old people instead of dogs or babies. They made me feel welcomed. Moreover, this energy they have toward each other is—again, I just realized—actually something I always seek in someone. I want that.

I don’t want a lover to be with me and adore me in our youth, but I want a best friend to grow old with. I want to be looking at that person not just as ‘my man’ (sorry for the choice of words) but as a great friend I want to spend the rest of my life with. I want to be 60 and that person still look at me with that adoring shine in his eyes, no matter how much wrinkles I get at that time. No matter how old I look. I want to look at that person saying ‘that’s my best friend, and my husband. We’ve been through a lot, and we had fun living our life. Because when life sunk us to the very bottom, we know we got each other as our best friend.’


i miss

doing what i'm doing at this very moment (a whole day of nothing-to-do-ness--if that's even a word) and browse stuff that makes me tearing up right now because i realized how much i've missed my old days. growing up sure is a pain in the ass, but i'm having fun doing it. it'll worth something years from now, i'm sure of that. but still, a day off from it all and stuck browsing in front of computer, downloading all series i've been missing for a few weeks sure is ultra fun.



of working in an office that sells kitchen and appliances.
this chef apparently is quite famous in Indonesian cooking "industry". he shot his upcoming episode in my office using one of the kitchens in the showroom, and of course, the wagyu beef was for me and my office mate who's been sitting behind the reception all day long--and the rest of the transTV crew.


tuhan Suka Bercanda #8

1. my manager gave me and my office mate this book, to learn how to "communicate" with people better..

2. This is the "first aid kit" in my office. if you read the notes that comes along with it, describing the purpose of the kit, you'll understand why it's in 'tuhan suka becanda' tag.*

3. the best rule i've ever seen

*sasaran p3k: menyelamatkan nyawa: aim of the first aid kit: to save life--in this term, it means to save life from a near-death experience. while what's available in that box is only stuff for headache and "masuk angin"