Mood breaker

Not that I’m not used to it, it’s just the fact that people will always try to investigate your bad part to the very core no matter how well the outcome you’ve given them. I feel like punching (or maybe hurt them with any kind of blunt objects over and over again) the on the head, simply just to see what’s inside their rotten mind.

Someone once taught me, "before you judge people, try—I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy—to measure their good feature first. ANY good features, even if it’s just the fact that they have beautiful smile." I’ve been keeping her words in mind ever since. But what’s the point of behaving yourself towards those bastards that cannot wait to see you to mess up and laugh to your face right away, huh?

I went to college and learned more about people. During that time I manage to create my own way to judge people. I want to believe they’re good, until the result says otherwise. Having some faith in humanity surely is a hard thing.

*loosen the critics a bit, would you? and try to take a look into the mirror on our display.. there are a lot of it!!

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