i grew in a place i'm gonna call "kandang serigala" at my campus, and i didn't know then that when a boy lost a "battle" in getting a girl they'll act literally like stupid little boys that lost a fight in hide-and-seek. wow. i'm speechless.

speechless because of two points, my campus mates are more mature than most boys, indeed.
and age really is just numbers. (this guy that "lost the battle" certainty older than me and his opponent)



Claude C Kenni said...

Kekuatan mental tiap orang kan beda2, dan orang sekuat apapun juga pasti ada masa breakdownnya =)

LITYA said...

still, i don't like the way that bocah behave.. :( kalo kalah ga perlu jelek2in orang laen ven.. -___-

utie said...

agree with u lit! "kalo kalah ga perlu jelek2in org"

mia said...

siapa nih? hahhaha.