cisitu lama IX no.11

room 6 second floor.
good bye.. thanks for the last 2 and a half years, you had been something that i can call home. i must find another home now. because what i have at my house is not really a home compare to the atmosphere i got here.
so long Bandung. thanks for the 4 and half years. so far i cannot find a better city to live in in Indonesia.


Malaysia "Trip" (day 2)

today's the real trip (the one that deserved a word "trip" unlike the previous post)
KL-Melaka two hours drive.Melaka historical museum.waaaayyy late lunch at "old town".


special malaysia trip day 1

okay, i went to malaysia (the country i swore to never visit again due to bad memories) on a "special mission". and i'm sure you can get your own conclusion of what the mission is.
here're some notes that lingers in my memory that still make me mimisan verytime i remember it.

  • Donghae Flown! as an opening act. he, by himself, the rest of the member did their normal entrance but turn out Mr. lee decided that he needed to fly.
  • Donghae jumped out of happines like a little kid when they sang "no other" and the whole fans in the stadium raised up their little poster with one huge opink heart on it. if you don't get what i mean, you can watch it here.
  • on their member introduction, Kyuhyun (i think he's avoiding of being judged about his english) just said--with stupid smile--"i'm kyuhyun."
  • while Donghae, just shouted "woooooooo" "yeeaaaaahhh" "woooohhhhoooooooo" "wooooow" (i think he was smart here, instead of 'showing off' his dreadful English.)
  • Kyuhyun was Pharaoh and he did the 'tina toon' neck dance.
  • while Donghae was BRITISH guard. so much for coincidence.
  • Siwon's a great chistian. a fan gave him a shirt with a huge yellow cross on it and he decide to put his mike on his pocket while he put on the shirt. and he wore that shirt until the end of the song.
  • Henry's voice surprisingly good.
  • Kyuhyun's WOW. i'm speechless.
  • kyuhyun put 3 balls (the balls they throwed to fans as "souvenirs") in his pocket, then decided to personalized the ball by drawing on it with a marked he saved in his pocket.
  • donghae took 2 Polaroid picture with one fan's camera. he took the first one and put it in his pocket and took another one for the fan.

while queuing

I was that close to the stage

well, just cause.

he flown.

he was that close to me. no zoom needed.

so does this man. no zoom needed.

boi, i couldn't get a decent picture because he stood on the back of the stage the whole time.

isn't he supposed to be onion instead of toge?!

okay, i actually wrote a lot on my journal but i cannot write it here. and i didn't take that much picture because i intended to watch them perform instead of watch them from my camera. i can watch the recorded version later. too much! ^^

Malaysia "Trip" (day 1)

arrived at the airport way too early, but in the end, like usual i got a nice company just to ramble about travelling and stuff.

met fendo immediately. drove to the hotel, and a bit amazed by it because i personally think the hotel's so cool.

by 3 p.m malaysia time, we both headed to Bukit Jalil stadium. what for?? more on that later. and i took a picture of what i found in the LRT station on our way to our destination. i wish the girls are with me to witness everything.

finally met Echa, another friend that i know because we have same "interest". i met her and her friends to do our special bussiness. again, i wish i'm with the girls to witness these beyond sense thing with them.

went back to the hotel by 10 p.m. rebutan tempat di kereta. it was exactly like a whole stadium of football maniac going home after a very good game.


it's tomorrow.

now i officially get all deg-deg-an. damn it! hope i can sleep tonight.



Bar, Jang, Boi, Yu

miss you guys.. let's spare some time and hang out,, please... :'(


better write it all down, before it vanishes

year 1.

PMB.penyambutan wali.pasar seni 2006.Campus love live.TPB.struggled to draw.naive.hopeful.inisiation.

year 2.

industrial design.wali.heart break.foolish.DP inisiation.new class.new family.

year 3.

best year.campus hoorah.family picture.garanjen.happy..happy..happy..

year 4

last time to enjoy campus as i know it.internship.more serious classes.less people around.some friends graduated by the end of the year.ngasdos

year 4,5.

pasar seni 2010.TA(more on this later)



These last 15 days

i cannot stop starring into my front gate waiting for a guy in an orange motorcycle knocking on it or honk its horn just to let me know its presence to deliver me the mail that has succeeded turn my world upside down. and ever since i lost hope, i tried to beg for my uncle's mercy to re-send me the mail by this air crew... and since friday i've been waiting for his email and turned out, waiting for his email also messed up my days.. and this morning i finally got a relieving reply. how ridiculous that an email can work like a dope of anti-depressant to me nowadays.
i need my parents' blessing and God's. i got the first, i wish the Latter will also give me His. hhhh... please make it easy for us to reach our dream God.. pleaseeeeee.. help us...

and anyway, i opened my "message from God" application today, it said:
Everyone does, including you. A time comes when what you have always believed is true melts away underneath you. When you cast in doubt even the most obvious, the most simple. When it seems that dark night is all around, and you are all alone. Take heart, this journey through abyss is the final barrier before your emergence into the heavenly light of a new synthesis of your being. God is waiting for you on the other side.
OOOOOO dear God, help me..

*update, tonight 21:04. the mail arrived juat 30 minutes after i posted this. THANK YOU SO MUCH, GOD.. thank you... thank you.... thank youuuuuu...


오빠s, here i come!!

thanks to this girl here, i got the ticket (front row--non festival) i can't believe i'm gonna say this, but Malaysia, here i come~~~


have no idea what happened to me

my head's killing me now. and the limited time and opportunities are killing me as well.