Malaysia "Trip" (day 1)

arrived at the airport way too early, but in the end, like usual i got a nice company just to ramble about travelling and stuff.

met fendo immediately. drove to the hotel, and a bit amazed by it because i personally think the hotel's so cool.

by 3 p.m malaysia time, we both headed to Bukit Jalil stadium. what for?? more on that later. and i took a picture of what i found in the LRT station on our way to our destination. i wish the girls are with me to witness everything.

finally met Echa, another friend that i know because we have same "interest". i met her and her friends to do our special bussiness. again, i wish i'm with the girls to witness these beyond sense thing with them.

went back to the hotel by 10 p.m. rebutan tempat di kereta. it was exactly like a whole stadium of football maniac going home after a very good game.

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