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seriously, i have nothing to do and blogging's kinda fun today

I am a cuddler
I am a morning person
I am a perfectionist
I am a night person
I am an only child
I am Catholic
I am currently in my pajamas
I am currently suffering from a broken heart
I am okay at styling other people’s hair
I am left handed
I am addicted to my myspace
I am very shy around the opposite gender
I bite my nails
I can be paranoid at times
I currently regret something that I have said
When I get mad I curse frequently
I like someone (who is my boyfriend)
I enjoy jazz music
I enjoy smoothies
I enjoy talking on the phone
I have a pet
I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal
I have a tendency to fall for the wrong person
I have all my grandparents
I have at least one sibling
I have been told that I am smart
I have broken a bone
I have Caller I.D. on my phone
I have bathed/​showered with someone

I have changed a diaper
I have changed a lot over the past year
I have done something illegal
I have friends who have never seen my natural hair
I have had surgery
I have killed another person
I have had my hair cut within the last week
I have had the cops called on me
I have kissed someone I knew I shouldn’t
I have held hands with someone who wasn’t my boyfriend/girlfriend
I have loved someone
I have danced around naked


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from panjang's blog. he's born in July too, and he's a cancer too. I bold the ones that reflect me.

my review

Most people like to write about their resolution in New Year. Me? I like to review what I’ve done in the previous year. I’ll try to remember what happened to me each month in the 2009.


Celebrated New Year’s Eve at campus.

Made my Dad a birthday present.

Went on a trip to Bali with my best friends.


Broke up (and really thankful for that) I could say it’s my biggest achievement this year.




Lost a beloved best friend to her boyfriend


Made birthday present for Boy, but sadly the effort was only from my part because the OTHER person was too “busy”

Family trip to Singapore. Went together with Ajeng and Tante Ninin.


Birthday. Always hate this day.


Deadline for finding Internship at Netherlands

Became a Lecture’s student assistance




Being all stressed out about internship

Went to Bali all alone, simply just went to the beach and enjoy it by myself


Another trip to Singapore (long story short my mom was angry with her friends because they canceled their plan to go to Singapore and she take her family instead)

I'm not a fashion junkie

but i love to see what's happening in the fashion world. i wear jeans, simple shirt, backpack and converse shoes almost everyday. yesterday i just got back from a trip (a shopping trip and i got some items that I've wanted for a while in discount price!!!
biggest catch
biggest catch by hobbit featuring GAP bags

well, not all of the above, of course.. here's what i got:
  • the red gap tote bag that cost too much in Indonesia but i got it lot cheaper.
  • Ruby shoes. I need a flat in case i must look girly.
  • Swatch watch. got it cheaper than in Indonesia.
  • Ray-ban-ish sunglasses. okay, not ray-ban, but cotton on.
  • i got cotton on stuffs like the scarf, the tanks, and the cardi.
  • i also got a 2 dresses from cotton on. (cotton on was on sale guys!)
Usually when i went to Singapore i will spend my money on books and IKEA but this time, i spent in on those items above. but i still got some IKEA stuff that i haven't had (I'm an IKEA addict and i almost have all the items they have) and i also bought 3 books. my friend reccomended me to read these books by Garth Nix:

But i went to 3 book stores and turned out the books were hard to find. so, I thought maybe i could just borrow her the books and i bought these book instead:
bought by hobbit on Polyvore.com

I'm reading it, and still don't know the verdict.



LOOOOVE this album.. the WHOLE album. beautiful songs. great work Jamie..


After 2 days of new moon marathon

I should have post this a week ago (I watched it twice, first with my high school buddies and the second time with my 'asdos' friends--i promised both groups to watch it together), but I haven't got much time to do such useless thing.
anyway.. this is new moon.

  • started with a scene with "GUE GANTENG BANGET" aura by Edward Cullen.
  • here comes Jacob with his biceps.
  • then bella asked Edward to "KISS ME" (which i still don't get the reason why she has to lift her right eyebrow that way)
  • Edward's gone. stupid Bella slept in the forest. (being rescued by muscles--literally-- a huge man boobs for one whole big screen).
  • Bella found a way to "see" Edward, she's an adrenaline junkie now. she has motor bike. she rides the bike. she fell. Jacob came to save her. Her head's bleeding, JACOB TOOK OFF HIS SHIRT TO WIPE HER BLOOD. (i don't know why the director feels like he MUST took the camera angle from below so that Jacob's muscle being exposed. i mean, really, a girl's bleeding and taking off your shirt will definitely solve the problem?!)
  • Jacob said he wont hurt Bella, but the next day, he disappear. Bella came to his house, and Jacob said "stay away from me, it's not you, it's me" in the rain to make it look more dramatic (well, has anyone paid that much attention to even realize that Jacob's body was STEAMY?! because he's a werewolf and his body temperature is HOT)
  • then Jacob and Bella are friends again. one day, Bella decided to jump off the cliff and Jacob saved her. when Bella was Shivering in the car jacob said "It's 108 degrees here" (which in plain English will be translated "I'm hot")
  • Edward thought Bella was dead, and he wants to die too. How? to show himself in public the fact that his body is glittering-shimmering-shiny-menyala-nyala jijik--under the direct sunlight. Bella's running inside a fountain. Edward is taking his shirt off. (and i could actually see his pubic hair!!) Bella crushed her body to Edward's and they live happily ever after.
  • Oh, not so happy for Jacob. and he decided to let the happy couple know about it by SUDDENLY SHOWING HIMSELF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD--like a muscle attack. which, stupid Edward hit the brake so the car stopped (if I were him, i'd ran through the muscles)
  • Lastly, Edward said "Marry me Bella" (......?????)

What the fuck?!!! I mean did I enjoy the movie? yes. it's comical. but did I think it's good--blockbuster way--NO EFFING WAY!!


i looked back aaaannd

I re-read my blog from the beginning, kinda ashamed for the earlier posts especially when i used to use my blog as a "tempat curhat"..

Hope it wont happen again..

(god, i can't sleep, i had to much caffein)


fb said this is me.

I followed a personality test on fb, turned out like this. hahahaha.
  • You're the kind of person who likes to keep everything for yourself
  • you will believe everyone who comes into your life
  • your life is fulfilled. and this is good for you
  • you're weak and fragile
  • you have high sex appeal
  • you only have few best friends in your life
  • your previous relationship was not going well and you're trying to forget it
  • when your spouse is near you, you will always be close to her/him
  • when your spouse is away, you're still thinking about her/him and will always be loyal to her/him
  • you have average ego
  • you're a cocky individual
  • your bond with your friends is weak/average
  • you really love your spouse
  • your spouse is someone who is homey, kind and simple
  • you will go straight to your spouse whenever you're in trouble


i always hate wednesday

I hate to wake up before 7am just to attend a class. I hate it more when people rely on me for "absen" because they think "oh, she must be there! let's ask her!" come on! move your ass!! It's not that hard!! You always make excuses for this (and also for a thing WE must do on Thursday) I mean, come on!! Many people want to be in your place, stop giving me excuses (or stop giving the REST of us--Thursday thing--excuses) about why you cannot make it, and come instead!! It's only for 6 hours for God's sake!! Bring along your laptop if you want and do whatever it is your excuses THERE!!!

Many people want to fill in your place, and you're lucky enough to got it. now you're wasting it.



dressing up is not a crime

Holloween. instead of wearing costume, we decided to "super dress-up" with something we don't usually wear. supposed to be 3 people in this pict.


saturday night, nothing to do

Favorite movie of all time!!!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~ Sam Coulson(Michael Vartan)~~


guilty pleasure

yeah, I can't wait to watch this movie together with mocho and boi.. we made a pact!! we crossed our hearts to watch this movie together. The three of us are (I'm sure and I know I'm right) secretly can't wait to watch it.



okay, for those of you who already knew about it just be quite and let me write..
for quite a while I have this checklist of what kind of guy that I'm looking for (if I were you, I won't take it seriously) but when I joke about it to my friends they all said "no way! there's no such guy l
ike that" "I don't think you will find someone with ALL those criteria" "yeah, dream on!" and honestly, I myself also think "no way that's possible, all in one? yeah rite!"

anyway, here's my checklist:
1. British. I don't know why exactly, i just looooove the way they talk with their accents.
2. Lefty. yep, I think left handed people are cool (I'm right handed)
3. Plays piano. for some of you that might sounds cheesy, but I really like guy who plays piano.
4. Brown/dark eyes. I don't like bright eyes. no reason.
5. Dark hair
6. Good looking. obviously.

long story short, my dad was watching TV about the beatles, there HE IS!! (this is weird because I like the beatles--thanks to daddy who poisoned me with it since I was a toddler, and I like HIM--my favorite beatles--and I never realized that he's actually one guy with those criteria I said earlier)

Paul McCartney is REAL! (unreacable, not to mention too old now) but still, he's alive, he exsists. so look guys! I found my "all in one" guy!!!


maar daar maakt het echt niet beter van!!

I swear, in the future, if I ever be a successful women who has a design studio and there's a fellow student ask me to have an internship in my studio, I will tell them the truth:

yes--if i like their works
no--if i think their works are incoherence to mine.
no--if i do not have time/place for an intern

And when I say "I let you know soon after I look through your portfolio" I WILL TELL THEM ASAP!!! I wont let them hang around waiting for my decision when their precious times could be used to find ANOTHER appropriate place. Even saying "I work alone, thanks for asking" is MUCH BETTER than that*

I hate that "MY TOY"--translate that to france language for real name.haha (ga boleh sebut merek dong, ntar di sue) stuff.
I mean, my dad did actually drove all the way there to gave them my portfolio (at that time I was in Bandung so I couldn't sent it myself--and he doesn't have that much free time, which I'm sure he'd prefer to be doing something he likes instead of drove all the way through rush hour to help his daughter send her portfolio) and THEY LOST IT. Then they asked me to send my portfolio via email, and I did, and SHE said "okay, I'll look through it and I will let you know soon."

How soon is SOON?? it's been 3 weeks for God's sake!!!

aahhh.. don't worry, I'll forget about it anyway. I post it so years later I'll remember how hard it was to be a student looking for a place for an internship, and we aren't babies, you can just tell us if you don't like our works. At least that way, we wont hold our hopes too high to have an internship at your place. Just be honest from the start. That's all we need.

And for everyone who's been successful, please take a moment to remember when you were struggling to where you are now. I'm there at where you were, but I made a promise to myself, I won't treat people like that*

*the story I told above


IKEA showroom??

The messy "workstation" but still comfy somehow

"Coffee corner" or "reading corner" or just corner, i usually eat here while i watch TV

My bed, GOD! i love it

everyone who's been into my 'kosan' room would always say "anjing! showroom IKEA" and yep, i'm proud of it. this room is even better than my own room back at home (since my mom uses it for a study room and she puts all my brother's books inside of it, my old room looks more like a library instead of a sleeping room now)

I decided to post the pictures of my rooms (yes, i'm too proud of it, whatever!) since i just cleaned it up. enjoy~~



kenapa cewe HARUS teriak-teriak setiap kali exited?
kenapa kalo cewe lagi curhat pribadi sesama geng-gongnya HARUS teriak??
kenapa kalo panik ga tau jawaban tugas HARUS teriak lagi??!
kenapa kalo lagi cerita-cerita ada cowo lagi ngedeketin, juga HARUS pake teriak???!!!

dan kenapa teriakan mereka melengking 3 oktaf dari suara rata-rata??
pikirkanlah orang lain di sekitar kalian yang punya telinga dan TERGANGGU..

(i mean, i'm a girl, and yes, i have estrogen, and YES i do get exited sometimes, but i never shrieked like the estrogen monster!!! GAH!!!)

mellow mode on..

(my lovely parents.. love them to death..)

please God, i cannot let them down.. help me.. please.. help me for them.. for every sigle effort they've done to raise me and made me ME. please God, do it for them, not for me.. help me.. help me not to let them down.. please, help me..



(men!! he's cute!!!!)


picture says a thousand words, i guess..


As I Mature.

(click image to zoom in--ish..)

Jadi ini email yang gue dapet dari boy, yang dia dapet dari email beruntun yang dikirim nyokapnya yang nggak pernah dia buka. si boy ceritanya mao ngirim ini ke aty, tapi gue pinjem dulu buat di scan dan di post. enjoy.


nice, no?

ternyata gw udah lupa "itu" semenyenangkan ini..


Dikala ga ada kerjaan

kalo di facebook banyak banget "pick my top 5" atau apapunlah itu namanya.. lumayan buat mengisi waktu luang yang kelewat lapang, tapi sayangnya kurang bisa leluasa ngasih komentar.. skarang gue bikin versi top 10 dengan penjelasan masing-masing.. here goes..

count down 10 fav guys
(peringatan:mohon maaf atas ke-alay-an kata2 dan juga konten-konten lain yang kurang pada tempatnya--i see no other way to do this)
  • Jamie Oliver. British. The Naked Chef, anyone?? pokonya kalo nonton food network tau lah. mukanya boy-ish padahal anaknya udah 3.
  • Jude Law. British. berita terakhir yang gue tau dia bakal meranin Dr. Watson-nya Sherlock Holmes. terlalu ganteng untuk jadi Watson, tapi gapapa lah, nggak sefatal Robert Downey, Jr. jadi Sherlock Holmes minimal.
  • Josh Hartnett. American. Pearl Harbour, 40 Days 40 Nights?? perasaan dulu dia lebih "bagus" daripada sekarang deh.
  • James McAvoy. British. Baru liat juga sih, taunya dari si boy pas nonton Penelope.
  • Adam Levine. American. Maroon 5, nggak perlu dijelasin lagi lah ya.. Kayanya sejuta umat didunia juga setuju.
  • Matthew Goede. British. Percaya deh, pas maen di Chasing Liberty dia nggak seaneh pas maen Watchmen.
  • Gerard Butler. British/Scottish. PERCAYA SAMA GUE BUKAN KARENA 300!!! tapi peran-perannya di film lain yang nggak melibatkan otot dan minyak.
  • Michael Vartan. American/France. Never Been Kissed sama Drew Barimore. Ya tuhan Mahluk ini. KIDAL PULA!!! aaaaaaa~~~~
  • Paul Rudd. American. Clueless, remember?? dilanjutkan dengan Mike-nya Pheobe di Friends. film-film dia sisanya memang nggak jelas, tapi mendingan diinget sebagai Mike-nya Pheobe aja. karena itu peran yang paling pas buat dia.


1. yeah.. yasudahlah ya.. dimulai dengan lagu all i am sama my way..
2. dah masuk kelas tingkat II, tapi masi blom bisa ngomong dengan benar..
3. yeah right!! hahahaha naek turun tangga diitung olahraga gak??

4. hmm.. kadang sehat kadang nggak..
5. ga usah dibahaslah ya.. hopeless..

and the worst part is..

I miss them.. a lot!!


ga ada kata telat belajar!!
daripada nyesel dulu brenti, mending blajar lagi dari 0.


kom enkel te weten dat het nog kwetst

misschien is het waar dat ik van het ziek bien
ik kan niet me het aan haar dichtbij hem "overal" bevinden nu
maar wat
mijn tijd is over en nu is het haar draai, veronderstel ik..

hoop dat zie veel betere persoon dan is ben ik..
goed geluk met haar..
gelukkig ben


my survival kit

these keep me alive

those stuff kept me alive for more that 2 weeks..
cigarette--of course.
Heineken--just once.
coffee--caffeine is always a best friend.
raffy--my giraffe stuffed animal.
sushi--always help.
movie--with a friend, thanks nan.
Honda jazz--around jakarta with adnan, again, thanks.
journal--just to share my thoughts.
ice cream--classic "broken heart" treatment.
iPod--yeah, become EMO is good sometimes.
Twilight saga--i need something to distract me! don't judge.

thanks a lot, friends

hari rabu,
niatnya memang mao pulang ke jakarta tapi kamis pagi besok harinya
ngumpulin asseccories fashion jam 1 an, trus mikir
"masih ada lah ya travel jam segini"
langsung nelpon x-trans dan booking buat jam 2 siang itu juga
abis ngumpulin tugas langsung pulang--ke jakarta.

hari kamis,
hari selasa kemarin seorang teman sms
"lit, gw udah di indonesia nih, sarapan yuk di pertok kamis pagi"
waktu selasa gw balesnya
"aduh, gw liat2 jadwal dulu deh ya.. ntar gw kabarin"

kamis pagi..
"eh, bon, dah bangun? jadi sarapan ga?"
akhirnya gue ke pertok makan sate ayam sama es skoteng sama dia
sampe kira-kira jam sebelas dia harus pulang karena jam 2 nanti mao ke bali.
"drop gue di pim aja ya bon." kata gue
akhirnya gue di drop di pim.

kamis siang..
karena udah bosen keliling pim selama 2 jam
akhirnya gue memutuskan ke food court mesen baso udang hoka hoka bento
sambil makan(plus diliatin orang karena sendirian)
dengan spontan gw ngambil HP dan sms seorang teman lain:
"Nan, gw di jakarta nih. jalan yok."
dan dibales
"ayo!! kapan?"

kamis malam..
pokonya singkat cerita kita jalan.
dia jemput gue di halte pim2 pake motor,
trus balik bentar ke apartemennya ngambil mobil--karena lagi musim ujan
dan kita ke pacific place--men! belom pernah gue kesana.
nonton bed time story.
selesai nonton makan sushi all you can eat entah di jalan apa namanya.
ngobrol mulai dari urusan cinta, kuliah, cita-cita, bahkan nostalgia SMA
trus pulangnya dianterin.
"wah, lo cowo pertama yang nganterin gue sampe rumah nan. rumah gue kan tempat jin buang anak."

i did things out of the ordinary
and i'm so happy with it
turns out that when you depend only with your instinct
you can be more happy than you thought you could be

i lost him,
but hey, i get more than what i expect.
i realize now, i still have my friends, they'll get my back
thanks a lot, friends..
i love you all and can't thank you enough
to express how thankful i am.


"ini yang pertama buat lo, wajar kalau sakit" kata seorang teman.

ga usah senyum-senyum sinis
ga usah kasih gue tawa kemenangan lo
lo nggak tau apa-apa tentang ini
lo belom bisa paham kenapa gue begini

memang cuma kemuraman yang bisa gue bawa
ke hari-hari rumit lo saat ini
bukan seperti dia yang tiba-tiba jadi matahari lo
tapi percaya sama gue, dia nggak tau apa-apa
tentang membuat lo bahagia