I'm not a fashion junkie

but i love to see what's happening in the fashion world. i wear jeans, simple shirt, backpack and converse shoes almost everyday. yesterday i just got back from a trip (a shopping trip and i got some items that I've wanted for a while in discount price!!!
biggest catch
biggest catch by hobbit featuring GAP bags

well, not all of the above, of course.. here's what i got:
  • the red gap tote bag that cost too much in Indonesia but i got it lot cheaper.
  • Ruby shoes. I need a flat in case i must look girly.
  • Swatch watch. got it cheaper than in Indonesia.
  • Ray-ban-ish sunglasses. okay, not ray-ban, but cotton on.
  • i got cotton on stuffs like the scarf, the tanks, and the cardi.
  • i also got a 2 dresses from cotton on. (cotton on was on sale guys!)
Usually when i went to Singapore i will spend my money on books and IKEA but this time, i spent in on those items above. but i still got some IKEA stuff that i haven't had (I'm an IKEA addict and i almost have all the items they have) and i also bought 3 books. my friend reccomended me to read these books by Garth Nix:

But i went to 3 book stores and turned out the books were hard to find. so, I thought maybe i could just borrow her the books and i bought these book instead:
bought by hobbit on Polyvore.com

I'm reading it, and still don't know the verdict.

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