when my internship product made it to the front page of a design/architecture magazine. yep, the blue arm chair is my baby.. :D --maybe this is how it feels to have kids and see them go to college.

*Griya asri vol 12 December



she's one of my first 'real-life' teachers. i love her unconditionally.
if there are some things i learned from her is i learned to let people in and accept them the way they are, despite their imperfections. She also taught me to appreciate the wonderful life i have. She's one of a kind for sure.



back to this place today with Boi!!

we were invited to be the "judges" for our High school product design class final examination.

these are the worst product of the day (especially the ashtray)

these are the good ones
we loooove the sword!!

i never received any penghargaan from this school when i studied there, today, i finally got one.
thank you Lord for this wonderful day..



i grew in a place i'm gonna call "kandang serigala" at my campus, and i didn't know then that when a boy lost a "battle" in getting a girl they'll act literally like stupid little boys that lost a fight in hide-and-seek. wow. i'm speechless.

speechless because of two points, my campus mates are more mature than most boys, indeed.
and age really is just numbers. (this guy that "lost the battle" certainty older than me and his opponent)



gaji buta #3

went to a meeting outside the office. it's actually nearby and i could just get a bajaj to take me there.. but since my office has some pride to maintain i had to take muti with me (well, actually we just needed to get out of the office and stated that muti's car is the only way to go there)
and after the meeting, we took a little detour to enjoy a gift from our office mate that just came from china. (the little red--of course it's red! it's made in china--thing)

Mood breaker

Not that I’m not used to it, it’s just the fact that people will always try to investigate your bad part to the very core no matter how well the outcome you’ve given them. I feel like punching (or maybe hurt them with any kind of blunt objects over and over again) the on the head, simply just to see what’s inside their rotten mind.

Someone once taught me, "before you judge people, try—I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy—to measure their good feature first. ANY good features, even if it’s just the fact that they have beautiful smile." I’ve been keeping her words in mind ever since. But what’s the point of behaving yourself towards those bastards that cannot wait to see you to mess up and laugh to your face right away, huh?

I went to college and learned more about people. During that time I manage to create my own way to judge people. I want to believe they’re good, until the result says otherwise. Having some faith in humanity surely is a hard thing.

*loosen the critics a bit, would you? and try to take a look into the mirror on our display.. there are a lot of it!!


Dear you,

the baby steps i'm taking might be a little too little. sorry if you have to wait, and sorry if the atmosphere's weird every now and then around my house, we don't get a lot visitors..

thanks anyway.. :)


gaji buta #2

another day without anything to do (big boss is out off the country) so we made these.


gaji buta #1

all started from the "nothing-to-do-ness", me and my office mate finally decided to make these owls.. first of all we planned to make it the next day with proper fabrics, but boredom stroke and we just used whatever we got in hands--magazines paper..

muti's owl(the left one) looks like oom2 flirting with my owl.. :D



accidentally played these this morning. i miss nongkrong at kosan simply just to learn the moves then of we went to NAV afterwards for a real practice.. :(


Radio Dalam

the right place for an office. i didn't expect to meet her today, but then she said "can i come during lunch time?" so she came.. soooo happy that i met her today!!! :D *masih euphoria.*




because finally i stepped out of the soooo called comfort zone i manage to keep all these years. :)