"i'm not good, i'm great! but i'm not the best"

that's some principle that i share with a very close friend of mine. he and i agreed that we must see ourselves as great beings, therefore our minds will put our bodies and brains to think that way and the output of course 90% satisfying. why we're not the best? because when we put ourselves in that first place, that's the exact moment we'll fall. we need to be the second best to know what we're aiming for. (we'll something along those lines)

today i had a meeting (final meeting before my second preview) with my counselor. i only have around 48 hours to finish everything he asked me to do--which is kinda impossible, he asked me to make a 1:1 mock up. i second doubt myself at this moment, but something deep inside of me knows that i can pull this off! i must! i cannot let him down. he's the one that rarely gives people compliment for what they've done, but when you're good, he'll text you and says "that was great! next time do it even better okay!" and that honestly really pump my spirit to get this final project of mine a great result.

i know i'm just blabbing at this moment because i'm panicking. i just need some place for this pelampiasan/curhat/sarana labil kala TA.

good night. wish me luck, please. it's next Monday.


i might need some help

but i'm too idealistic. honestly there're still a lot of stuffs that still need some extra work. but even if some people offer their help, i cannot accept it. why? i don't trust people. i know they're good with their skills and everything, but at this stage of mock-up experiments i think getting involve in it all by myself is the best thing to do.

and i've hide from the hectic life outside my own room. because if i see a lot of people, i'll be distracted and that's BAD for me.. and if many of you call my cell phone and i refuse to answer, please forgive me. i promise to quit being that bitch after the 2nd of November.

(i created a little "tent" on the corner of my room, just as a mood lifter. aargh!! my room looks like kandang ternak at this moment!)


what happened within 2 weeks

too much. too much. too much.
and not in a good way.
too bad.


i found it hillarious

Mia shared some of her Lonely Planet PDF file with me today, and i look through it. i have to admit, although she gave me literature about Europe and everything else, i'm always curious about my own country in stranger's eyes. so i opened the Indonesia file. while i scrolled down, i read these and i love it.

but the part that i love the most of course "a fantastic set of earplugs for the mosque and traffic wake-up call." and "learning to sleep through he morning call to prayer." that really hit the spot! VERY INDONESIA, a wake-up call by adzan that's being aired five times a day from each and every mosque that placed only 500 meter away from each other that decided to announce their adzan at the same time. (no offense intended, i myself is a moslem. but i still find it shocking every now and then to be woken-up by it)


I called my mom this morning

it's been a while since we last talked, and somehow i'm happy to hear her voice. anyway, she said: "lit, jangan kebanyakan makan mi instan ya.. nanti sakit. katanya ada apanya gitu sekarang mao ditarikin dari peradaran"*

whilst that's exactly what i eat everyday--no kidding. every day! it's either mi goreng, or instant ramyun which pretty much the same. they're cheap (tanggal tua), easy, and tasty. i'm sorry mom, that's all i can afford right now. once i'm done with this fucking assignment and have some time to spare to think about finding a good quality food, i'll do it. i promise.

*lit, don't eat instant noodle too much. you'll get sick. it contains something and now it's being pulled back from public.


to whoever that celebrate their birthday today,


it's just a phase, when my stress level has gone down i'll get over it. A.S.A.P


Tendy's gone

since we've been living under the same roof for about 10 days, it feels too quiet by myself alone. and since she's gone that means i have to go back to concentrate on my final project. and since this is the only media i have to share about my progress, i'll share here: 0% from the last time i went for counseling. i believe my concept is good--no, great! i have to put some confidence in my head--but i don't know where to start. i don't know which part i should modified, or else.
and another thing. i MUST limit myself from being engaged to "our new religion" because i know once i start i couldn't stop, so i have to control my need of refreshment. damn.


happy birthday cincha.

hope you enjoy your kado and our little "kue ulang taun"


Boi pasti ngiri!!

pasar seni just ended. we tried to get some early sleep but ended up with this:

"Isseulgguhya nuhreul saranghae hamkkehaeyo geudaewa yuhngwuhnhee"

*ga kurang lengkap apa coba informasi di foto itu.


Tuhan Suka Bercanda #4

i went to Holland Education fair with some friends today, and because it was raining when we're done (and it's located at Hyatt Hotel right next to BIP--a little "mall" in Bandung) so we trashed ourselves around. my story started when we got in into Hypermart and strolling around and around until one of guys pointed it out to me.

it's a thing you use to wipe your car, our sink. i really had no idea that it can also be used as a make up remover and hair-drying. i had no idea it's that 'all purpose'--surprisingly both of my friends didn't know about the all purpose-ness  either.


should i start panicking?

my counselor for my final project assignment will be out of this country until 27th of October. meaning: i only have 4 days left to do some counseling with him to gain 3 more of his signature and approval for my second preview. i believe everything will work out just fine someway somehow. i just need to put some "love" in the project then maybe it will loves me back. gah! wish me luck anyway..


Ayu's back to Bandung and is staying at our place for about a week, last night the three of us decided to go on a karaoke session with a whole new playlist that's never been done before (read: korean). we made the list and everything and ordered NAV for 2 hours straight. apparently your day cannot always be perfect, because once we got there and i started to type in the singer and the title of the songs NAV didn't have them.AT.ALL.NONE.NADA.NOTHING!
i personally cannot remember when's the last time i felt sooo disappointed. so when we got home, we decided to do our "new religion" ritual as shown here by the pictures. yet somehow the ritual relieved me a bit.

you have to watch the video here before you understand what we were doing last night.


our new religion

we're living one DOOR away to each other and truth is we can borrow the dvd from each other. BUT. "TAKUT REBUTAN" said chita. so we each bought it. 
it's RAIN!


i gave up.

after one whole year of being good at "filtering" what to consume, today, Chita and Boi ruined it. they showed me one--always started with one, then the second became attractive, the third an so on are just addictive--concert video of this guy. 
korean stuff colonize my life now.