i found it hillarious

Mia shared some of her Lonely Planet PDF file with me today, and i look through it. i have to admit, although she gave me literature about Europe and everything else, i'm always curious about my own country in stranger's eyes. so i opened the Indonesia file. while i scrolled down, i read these and i love it.

but the part that i love the most of course "a fantastic set of earplugs for the mosque and traffic wake-up call." and "learning to sleep through he morning call to prayer." that really hit the spot! VERY INDONESIA, a wake-up call by adzan that's being aired five times a day from each and every mosque that placed only 500 meter away from each other that decided to announce their adzan at the same time. (no offense intended, i myself is a moslem. but i still find it shocking every now and then to be woken-up by it)

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