i might need some help

but i'm too idealistic. honestly there're still a lot of stuffs that still need some extra work. but even if some people offer their help, i cannot accept it. why? i don't trust people. i know they're good with their skills and everything, but at this stage of mock-up experiments i think getting involve in it all by myself is the best thing to do.

and i've hide from the hectic life outside my own room. because if i see a lot of people, i'll be distracted and that's BAD for me.. and if many of you call my cell phone and i refuse to answer, please forgive me. i promise to quit being that bitch after the 2nd of November.

(i created a little "tent" on the corner of my room, just as a mood lifter. aargh!! my room looks like kandang ternak at this moment!)

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