I called my mom this morning

it's been a while since we last talked, and somehow i'm happy to hear her voice. anyway, she said: "lit, jangan kebanyakan makan mi instan ya.. nanti sakit. katanya ada apanya gitu sekarang mao ditarikin dari peradaran"*

whilst that's exactly what i eat everyday--no kidding. every day! it's either mi goreng, or instant ramyun which pretty much the same. they're cheap (tanggal tua), easy, and tasty. i'm sorry mom, that's all i can afford right now. once i'm done with this fucking assignment and have some time to spare to think about finding a good quality food, i'll do it. i promise.

*lit, don't eat instant noodle too much. you'll get sick. it contains something and now it's being pulled back from public.

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