"i'm not good, i'm great! but i'm not the best"

that's some principle that i share with a very close friend of mine. he and i agreed that we must see ourselves as great beings, therefore our minds will put our bodies and brains to think that way and the output of course 90% satisfying. why we're not the best? because when we put ourselves in that first place, that's the exact moment we'll fall. we need to be the second best to know what we're aiming for. (we'll something along those lines)

today i had a meeting (final meeting before my second preview) with my counselor. i only have around 48 hours to finish everything he asked me to do--which is kinda impossible, he asked me to make a 1:1 mock up. i second doubt myself at this moment, but something deep inside of me knows that i can pull this off! i must! i cannot let him down. he's the one that rarely gives people compliment for what they've done, but when you're good, he'll text you and says "that was great! next time do it even better okay!" and that honestly really pump my spirit to get this final project of mine a great result.

i know i'm just blabbing at this moment because i'm panicking. i just need some place for this pelampiasan/curhat/sarana labil kala TA.

good night. wish me luck, please. it's next Monday.

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